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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top 10s of The Decade

Got some more posts brewing, but for now, I'm going to jump on the Top 10 bandwagon.

Top 10 TV Series of the Decade:

* Battlestar Galactica - Right up until the last 5 mins.
* Dexter - This last season re-affirmed why I kept watching. John Lithgow = amazing!
* Trailer Park Boys - Sometimes that show hit a little too close to home...
* Doctor Who - First Christopher Eccleston then David Tennant... wow. The Girl in the Fireplace. Midnight. Blink. You should watch these eps.
* True Blood - For being absolutely Batshit insane.
* Sons Of Anarchy - Peter intro'd me to this series and DAMN. I'm hooked.
* The Tudors - "It's good to be the King" - Mel Brooks
* Friday Night Lights - I'm not a 'football' guy, just not my thing... but man, this show is amazing. Extraordinary passions, indeed.
* Arrested Development - Just thinking about this show makes me laugh
* How I Met Your Mother - They gave us NPH. In awesome form. Gawd bless'em.

Top 10 Films of the Decade:

HA! And now I watch you squirm! Can you do it? Can you break it down into a measly 10?! I've managed to get 10 in here but I could go on for ages. These are in no particular order...

* Let The Right One In - Hands down, the best 'vampire' flick I've seen this decade.
* Monster - This movie is even more messed up if you've watched any of the interviews with aileen wuornos.
* Persepolis - Touching and memorable.
* Once - This movie damn near had me crying on an airplane. Amazing soundtrack.
* The Dark Knight - This is exactly the kind of Batman movie I've been waiting for.
* Lord of The Rings: The fellowship Of The Ring - The first got the ball rolling and made me remember why I loved the books.
* Shaun Of The Dead - Best Rom/Zom/Com I've ever seen.
* Amelie - An old friend said it best: "I feel like a better Human being for having seen this movie".
* The Bourne Identity - This movie made me wish I was a badass.
* Wall-E - I'll watch this movie again, any time.

Top 10 Personal Successes of the Decade:

* Finding the Love of my life/Getting married
* Joining Ink Canada and finding such a welcoming community
* Finishing my first screenplay... and finding out that people loved it!
* My first-ever table read (Thanks to the amazing Beatriz Yuste!)
* Being promoted from Inktern to Junior Editor on the site.
* Starting my blog and all the amazingly cool people I've met because of it.
* Completing College. Tho' it didn't amount to what I thought it would, it put me on the path to discovering my talents as a writer.
* Meeting my best friend, who's been a rock through all the bad and good.
* Paying off all my Student Debt, finally, this year.
* Getting accepted to college and getting the heck out of my hometown (that pretty much kick-started everything else!)

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