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Monday, January 11, 2010

Chuck's Back!

I watched last night's double-wide Chuck season 3 premiere with my breath firmly held in that space between my lungs and my throat.

See, one of the inevitable things about writing a spec for a season that doesn't yet exist is that, well, you're gonna get it wrong.

Luckily, I wasn't as far off as I thought I'd be.

Some spoilers ahead (for the series in general... not just the episode).




I think the biggest hit to my current spec script was the news that Anna had flown the coop with some prep chef, leaving Chuck and Morgan as roommates. In my script, I'd extrapolated that Morgan and Anna would've been off living together.

That sucks.

Back when I was writing the script, I'd heard rumours that Julia Ling (Anna) wouldn't be back but I took a shot and fit her in anyways. I like having Morgan and Anna together, I think they make a great comedic team... it's a shame that she's gone.

Co-Creator Chris Fedak has since confirmed that Anna won't be in the original 13 episodes, but may end up being in the extra eps that were ordered.

Here's hoping she makes a comeback.

Spec script-wise, yeah, that's a bit of a problem... something I should probably fix. The hardest part in that is that Anna is one of the main motivators of my B plot, which ends up tying into my A plot... so yeah, that's going to make things complicated when I do another draft of this thing.

On the bright side, I did end up calling a few things that went down in the premiere - Chuck ending up getting spy-training from Casey, the new intersect being highly-unpredictable, the somber state of the Buy-More and a few other little things.

Didn't call Emmett's death tho'... and DAMN! Well-played, sirs! I think I giggled a bit.

Does that make me a bad person? :P

I did like the connection that the Intersect 2.0 was unstable because Chuck himself is rather, well, unstable... tho' I can see the whole 'Sarah being his stabilizer' thing getting annoying rather fast.

That said, I did like the ultimate reveal of why Chuck ditched Sarah at the train station... tho' it did seem a bit 'tv'-ish. Why not just explain his feelings at the station if he felt so strongly?

Sure, maybe he needed time to process, but it's not like the meeting was suddenly sprung on him. In what they showed us, he made a pretty conscious decision to walk away from her.

Anyways, yeah. Still, it was a nice moment to close out the 2nd episode.

I think the biggest problem with what I've seen from the episodes so far is that, well, they haven't been all that much 'Fun'. I know it wasn't exactly easy to pull 'fun' out of the situations they were in, but... I don't know...

Hopefully, now that they've pretty much restored things back to base-line -- with Chuck and Morgan back working at the BuyMore and the team back together -- they can start to have fun with the characters again.

There's a new episode lined up for tonight that features one of my favourite tertiary characters: Captain Awesome. I really liked what they did with him near the end of season 2, hopefully they pick that ball up and run with it.

In other news:

I've been writing away like a madman on the first draft of a spec pilot for my newest original series. This baby's been gestating for quite some time so I'm glad that the actual 'birthing' is clipping along at such a nice pace. Fingers crossed, I'll have a first draft done by Friday.

Pretty damn cool!


P.S: Damn, I love that poster!

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