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Friday, January 15, 2010

Dun Dun DONE!

And so, today, at 1:25pm, a script was borne out into the world.

Kicking and screaming and, well, ugly as all hell.

Its a mess.

But it's MY mess.

My beautiful mess.

I've named it "Pipeline" - and, with much teachin' and schoolin', perhaps a bit (a lot) of plastic surgery, one day it will grow into a powerful force for some truly awesome TV.

I hope.

This was not an easy birth -- the damned thing just wouldn't come out of me. Sure, it'd kick from time to time, just to remind me that it was there, but try as I might, it wouldn't budge.

Somehow, someway, something shifted.

Maybe it rotated itself inside my cranial cavity.

Maybe it was that blow to the head I took when I tried to mount that stripper pole on New Years (<-- That did not actually happen).

Whatever it was, it decided it wasn't going to wait anymore.

I got the urge, those first pangs, probably last Friday. I think. I pulled up an old outline that I'd written quite some time ago, re-read it then trashed most of it.

The idea had mutated since then. Whatever those original pages had been about, it wasn't my show anymore.

So I got down to it over the weekend. Re-wrote almost the whole outline.

This Monday, I got down to work proper.

And here I am, 5 days later... barely clearing 3 hours a day... with my own lil' baby script.

Such a tiny lil' thing to call my own.

My sweet, little "Pipeline"...

Pity about what comes next.

'Cause they say we have to kill our babies. We're writers. And that's just the way it must be.

And maybe it is.

But for now, let's just sit here a moment.

Count the tiny toes and the puffy lil' fingers.

Enjoy it.


'Cause Monday I sharpen the axe.


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Peter said...

Let the baby slaughter begin!