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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Fresh Start (aka The Schedule)

Part of trying to get a handle on this whole 'being disciplined' thing means tightening the reigns a bit for the foreseeable future.

Getting life on a track and setting up some serious (hopefully positive) habits.

Thus: My daily schedule for the foreseeable future.

5:50am -- Wake up, drink a freezing cold glass of water (I find this works better than coffee anyway). Sit down, write 'till 9am.

9 am -- Get ready for work, 10 min shower and out the door.

9:30am -- Arrive at work, do work things until lunch.

12pm to 1pm -- Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Hit the gym, try and get this body burning calories instead of accruing. Tuesday, Thursday: Extra writing/reading time. Might take up reading more TV scripts in my spare time.

1pm -- More work. Work, work, work. Out the door for 6pm.

6:30pm -- Get home, help prepare dinner.

7pm to 11pm -- Dishes then watch some TV with the wife. Off to bed by 11pm so I can get a good 6-7 hours of sleep before my 6am alarm.

Yeah, I know... bed by 11.... ugh. But hey, I gotta say: I'm really digging the silence that comes with an early start.

Weekends, since I'm still quite fond of a bit of chaos in my life, will be mostly unplanned -- especially since, well, so much tends to happen then. But I know that usually my Saturday mornings are quiet... so I can probably sneak some writing time in there as well.

All things considered, at the minimum, my new schedule will allow for a pretty decent 15 hours a week of writing -- not including whatever else I manage to sneak in over the week.

Considering how things've been rather 'seat of my pants' as of late, this should be quite an upgrade.

I'm sure it'll get fine-tuned and overhauled down the road... but hey, it's a start.



Michael said...

Good luck. I have never been able to keep the dedication switch in the ON position...
I think I was sold a defective one. I thought about returning it, but I am such a procrastinator that it was past the warranty date before I could manage that.
Catch 22: not enough dedication to write what I should, but that means not enough income to go out and purchase a new dedication switch.
I'll get it figured out... later.

Brandon Laraby said...

Heh, thanks Michael!

Yeah, I've never been one for the whole 'relentless dedication' thing... but after seeing how little I managed to get done last year, I think it's time for me to give it at least a solid try.

Now if I wasn't so damn addicted to chaos... lol