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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Save Better Off Ted

I'm not usually one to shill for a show. But shows that I actively enjoy are a rare kettle of fish these days.

So here I am.


Let's just get it right out there: I love Better Off Ted.

It's a show that somehow manages to make me belly laugh at least once an episode. It's subversive and fresh and the living embodiment of all those other buzzwords that people in the biz tend to throw around.

But, like so many other shows, being funny just don't count for as much as you'd think.

Especially when your network can't seem to get rid of you fast enough.

Word on the street is that this show is dying... and fast. ABC's been burning off episodes like jet fuel at a pyro convention and a whole lot of people are missing out on what I will handily declare 'One of The 5 BEST Shows On Television right now'.

So, please, before this show disappears into the void, take a look at these videos. Set your PVRs, or head to iTunes and donate 30 mins of your time to watch this show.

You won't be disappointed.


This is a video of outtakes from one of the more recent episodes. The language was... neutered for TV. Not so much for the Web. Warning!!! This video has (a lot of) swears and vulgar/disturbing language in it!

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