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Thursday, January 14, 2010

That Moment

This morning was kind of a breakthrough for me, a nice little moment spent in the silence, converting the notes in my outline into actual scenes and dialogue.

Now, truth be told, it wasn't a huge scene -- maybe a half a page -- but the words that came out of their mouths were not my own.

There, huddled in a blanket, laptop nestled on my lap as the sun peeked over the city, I realized that I was listening in on a moment that held meaning to them.

It didn't last all that long, barely a blip on the timeline of what I've been writing, but considering that this is only my first draft... well, hey... I'll take it.

Hell, sometimes I'll get to a 3rd draft before my characters start talking... sometimes -- at least in a couple cases so far -- they never do.

But when it happens, I gotta admit: I get a charge out of that moment.

In a way, it's one of the reasons I write... those little moments, those fractions of a second where I don't know where the words are coming from. Where I get surprised by what comes next.

Where the characters I'm writing stand up and walk on their own, even if it's just for that one moment before my stupid fingers (or 'ideas') come in and screw it all up.

So yeah... that's got me pretty psyched.

That said, it looks like Friday night is going to be the end point for this draft -- I'd originally thought I'd have it ready for Friday morning but I got choked up by a plot point I hadn't really thought through. It's all better now, it makes sense and I've moved on... but damn, when you're only writing 3 hours a day... every second counts.

I'm going to try and cheat a bit by shutting myself in and working away tonight... hopefully that'll get me back on track.


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