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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Unexpected Benefits

I think I've managed to suss out one of the little benefits of this whole 'schedule' thing... and it's actually kind of neat.

Before, I'd sit there and write whenever I could and afterward I'd always end up feeling guilty 'cause I couldn't do more. (Or, you know, that I'd go a whole week or so before my next sit down).

Now that I've got a scheduled 'writing time'... hell, any time I manage to get some extra writing in, it's all bonus.

Sure, it seems like a small thing but damn if it doesn't put a positive spin on things and shoot me full of all sorts of warm, writer-ly feelings.

Things are getting done.

And any time I start to waver, or grumble, I just look to the words I've now pen-tattooed on the side of my hand:

No Excuses.

And I get my butt back to work.

This actually worked out well today 'cause I felt those feelings when it was time for me to go to the gym.

See, I'm still sore from Monday and tired 'cause my body's still getting used to waking up at 6am and --

No Excuses.

So off I went, did a nice lunch workout - sweated like a roasting ham - hit the showers and got back in the saddle.

That's when I noticed my little pen-tattoo had been scrubbed off.

So I wrote it back on.

Yep, chalk one up for the slow and steady march of progress.


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