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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Waking Up

This whole 'waking up at 6am' thing is actually working out alright so far... I'm a touch more tired during the day -- and by 11pm, I'm officially in 'yawn' mode -- but I can't complain about the results thus far.

Slowly, before my very eyes (and beneath some very worn keys) a story is unfolding.

There are spots that, already, I'm not happy with and parts that I know I can do better but I keep on truckin'. Go as far as I can for as long as I can. Get it down in pixels and worry about the reconstructive surgery later.

It's a mental state that flies right in the face of my traditional 'get it right the first time' thought process -- you know, the one I got drilled into my head back in school.

Side Note:

A very special thanks to the Art teacher in high school to told me that "If you can't get it right the first try, then you're wasting everyone's time".

Now, for some reason, out of all the things I learned and forgot in school, that crappy piece of 'learnin'' is what I ended up hanging on to.

Gee, thanks.


Anyway, it's taken me a long time to get past that lil' nugget. To understand that CRAFT takes time, and yeah, a whole lot of screw-ups. You screw up, you learn -- screw up more, learn more.

It all goes into the complex neuro-pathways of 'If, then, but' that make up our wonderful decision-making processes.

In layman's terms, it's called 'experience'.

And luckily enough, as frustrating as last year turned out to be, it helped me gain an important understanding of how I work and how to get the very best out of myself.

Also: How to silence that tinny voice in my head that tells me to "you suck at this, go play video games"; How to push myself further even when "I don't wanna" and how to stave off my own internal need for immediate satisfaction.

The last 3 are still 'works in progress'... but, again, progress is being made.

For now, my main goal is simply this:

Get it done, worry about everything else later.


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