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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dusting off

So, I set my 2nd draft of Pipeline aside this weekend and found myself wanting to dust off an older project: the re-imagining I did of Savage Knights (my first show).

Long time readers may remember that I'd originally written a 2-hour backdoor pilot but decided to re-imagine it as a 1-hour.

It ended up being fine for what it was, tho' I felt it lacked the heart of the original.

Good, but it could be better. A definite 'meh'.

So I shelved it and moved on.

Well, this weekend I suddenly felt the urge to pull it out and plug away at it.

Which was not unlike opening a time capsule.

A time capsule from the year 2007.

Okay, it wasn't a HUGE change or anything... but it was still a look back at a different time -- moreso, a different frame of mind for yours truly.

Structure-wise, it seemed solid-ish enough, there were a few changes but for the most part, that part of the script held up. What really stuck out at me though was the pacing.

I really seem to like getting in and out of scenes as fast as possible.

Now, in TV that's not so much a bad thing but it often means that my dialogue ended up feeling rushed.

But I guess that's just one of the hallmarks of my earlier writing...

It's kind of funny tho' cause when I was reading it I got the feeling like I had ants in my pants or something; like I just couldn't wait to move on, to say what needs to be said and get out the door and onto the next cool thing.

It's kind of cute.

On the bright side, it also means that my older scripts move by at a blistering pace.

So yeah, no time for boredom.

Guess that's also why I have such a hard time trying to write a feature, I don't like to slow down and just 'exist' in the scene. I don't really enjoy letting a moment breathe.

Maybe that's something I'll develop when I'm older and more refined?

I dunno.

I went over it again, slowed things down some, expanded on a few others.

Overall I'd say it's definitely a stronger story for my tinkering and hey, it was an interesting experience; a chance to take an objective look at how I used to write while realizing how far I've come since then.

Anyways, tonight I hop back onto Pipeline with the hope of having a solid 2nd draft ready for Friday.

Fingers crossed!


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