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Friday, February 12, 2010

Following Up On That

John Mayer gave a tearful apology yesterday in front of a crowd of fans.

And while I can appreciate the sentiment -- and applaud the fact that he's willing to make such an open apology -- I just sort of wish he'd thought of this before hand.

Tho' I'm sure he's probably wishing that too.

Anyways, kudos to him for taking a step back... but just cutting yourself off from doing interviews isn't going to fix the problem. Just sayin'.

But hey, a whole whack of people end up learning things the hard way (myself included). Maybe this is the push he needs, maybe not. Maybe he'll write a song about it. I dunno.

Best of luck to him.

In other news, my second draft Pipeline is coming along swimmingly. I'll be off celebrating an interesting mix of Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year this weekend so I'm not entirely sure how much writing will get done... but hey, two celebrations for the price of one!

I'm not entirely sure what transpires during Chinese New Year but if any of it involves eating, I'm in a whole lot of trouble... :P


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