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Friday, February 26, 2010

Gold Rush!

Charles Hamelin and the Canadian Speed Skating Relay Team just managed to swing us 2 more Gold medals in a couple of the most exciting speed skating races I've ever seen.

Granted, before this year's Olympics, I'd never seen a single speed skating race in my life.

But holy crap, were they ever tense!

Who knew a sport that gets decided in milliseconds could be so exciting?

Especially when you factor in all the wipe outs.

I've discovered that Speed Skating is kinda like NASCAR... on ice... with none of that namby-pamby 'metal shell' protecting you from slamming into the ground or the razor blades strapped to the feet of the guy in front.

And man were there some epic crashes -- including one incredibly tense moment where Mr. Hamelin was sent careening on one skate over the finish line as two competitors crashed and burned behind him. Hell, toss in some After Effects explosions and you've practically got Die Hard on Ice. (The inevitable movie re-make).

Like I said: Tense stuff.

Also: Canada just beat Slovakia 3-2 for the right to stand against the USA for the Gold Medal in Men's Hockey.

I can see the billing now:

Canada Vs. USA 2: Brodeur's Revenge

Maybe Iginla snow-showering Miller in slow-mo:

"Revenge is a dish best served cold".


Yeah... I know where I'll be on Sunday.

Way to go Team Canada!

Oh, and just in case you missed it, a nice little article quietly pushed out into the news cycle (far down on the page, below the Olympic Coverage).

"Federal budget deficit rises to $39.4-billion"

Man... I'm glad the Olympics are around and all... 'cause maaaan I bet there'd be a whole lot of pissed of Canadians otherwise.



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