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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chucking It

Sometimes the most important skill to possess as a writer is to know when to throw in the towel.

I sat down today with the idea of updating my Chuck spec, to place it more solidly in the 3rd season and help it not seem dated in the light of recent seasonal events.

A good eight hours later... I've decided it's not worth it.

There's 'updating' and then there's 'throwing-out-everything-you-loved-about-the-story-to-make-it-fit'.

So I've decided that, quite frankly, this script can't really be updated... not if I want to tell the same story.

And yes, it's entirely my own fault for gambling in such a way.

I could've just kept it firmly in season 2 (I wrote it as occurring early in the 3rd season) instead of taking a crap-shot at where it'd all end up.

But I did.

And such is the nature of the gamble.

In a lot of ways it's perfectly fine... I still think it's a fantastic story and I love how it turned out... it's just not Season 3.

You may not be watching Chuck this season but if you are you may have noticed that it's done that long, slow waltz down emo alley... and the further we get into it, the more my script sticks out like a sore thumb.

My episode is light and fun and, well the show really isn't light and fun anymore.

Not in the way it used to be.

So rather than 'updating' I decided, instead, to go back and just make it the best gawd-damn 'Chuck' story I can.

Forget about seasons or who's supposed to be there or who never came back (I miss you Anna!).

I went and I did my best to cap off what I consider to be some damn-good Chuck TV.

Even now, looking over the end product... I'm still proud of it.

And that's good enough.

I've done all I can.

Time to move on.

(which I am)

So, in that vein of moving on, I've decided to post it up here on the blog.

Over there on the side bar.

Feel free to download and read it at your leisure -- if you like it or hate it, I'm all ears.


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