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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Great Pitch

Becomes a discussion.

I know that because, well, that's just what happened to me.

Like, oh, 2-3 hours ago.

Remember back when I had some secret news I couldn't quite talk about?

Well, it was this:

Back at the beginning of the month, I'd had my first-ever pitch session.

It went really well and I was hella-excited about it... but I didn't want to talk about it.

I didn't want to jinx it.

However, several weeks of unanswered emails and phone calls later, it would appear that it's going nowhere.

And time's ticking... for another thing I don't want to jinx.

So my good friend Peter hooked me up with a friend of a friend. Someone who's hungry to get out there and get into scripted TV.

Today I sat down for coffee with said friend and conversed about what we were both looking for, what we were trying to do.

We seemed to get along quite well and the atmosphere was chill... so by the time they asked about my pitch, I was totally at ease.

Rather than trying to rustle up some one-liner or hook or try to be funny or smart... I just talked. Talked about my concept, what inspired me, why I want to do it.

I got passionate.

And you know what?

The moment the pitch left my lips, their eyes lit up.

There was more conversation -- ideas bounced back and forth, both of us getting interested and excited.

What didn't work was discussed too -- but rather than sinking the ship, it opened up new avenues to explore.

What would work BETTER.

Together we chatted and sipped coffee and the idea, the concept came into a clearer focus.

I left the meeting feeling even more excited for my project than when I entered and felt like I'd met someone who really understood it.

Yes, it was a good pitch.

And hey, at the very least -- even if nothing comes from this meeting -- I know that I've got a great concept and I'm on the right track.

How 'bout that?!


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