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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Now THAT's a party!

Okay, so a whole lot to update on here...

Yesterday ended up a total blur... now that the olympics is done it would appear that the world is now is some sort of desperate 'catch up' mode.

So... let's catch up.

Team Canada won Gold!

And the USA made us work our asses off to get it.

Thank you, Team USA!

THAT's the kind of sports I love to see.

The US was hungry for that win, they truly pushed themselves and made Team Canada sweat in the process.


In short: Those were some well-earned cheers.

And that party down at Yonge and Dundas square? Proof positive of their hard work.

My hat's off to both teams!

Here's a video I shot of the party down at Yonge and Dundas Square on my cell phone -- it's blurry as all hell (yay old tech!) but the audio'll give you a clue of what it was like there.

This next one is much prettier, tho' it somehow manages to miss out on the craziness and chaos of the night.

In other news, my second draft of Pipeline is DONE! Finally. It's a beautiful thing and, hopefully, much better than the 1st draft. I changed a bunch of things, including a major plot point that I thought might kill the script if it was axed.

Turns out: nope. In some ways it actually made it better... a part of me still misses the old direction, but I think this rings more true and makes it less 'TV'.

'TV' as in one of those wonderful life co-incidences that always just seem to happen on TV shows. The ones that make you roll your eyes and go 'sure bud, only on TV'.

So yeah, I'm going to send that off to some readers now and get some feedback. I've decided that I'm going to use it in correlation with that 'Writer's Foundation Certificate' program (that starts tomorrow!) to see if I can't help polish it like a fine diamond.

I'm also getting started on a new spec... so that's going to be fun.

Also knee-deep in working on a super-secret ultra-awesome Ink Canada project which should see light of day the end of March.

Yep, things are definitely hopping now.

Hopefully it all comes together in time!


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