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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Do That Thing You Do

Today I began draft #1 of my little half-hour comedy that could.

Well, will.


It's a different beast entirely, like trying to ride a bucking Bozo the clown for 8 seconds while still appearing edgy and hip and all them other buzzwords.

Good times.

It is good though... like doing pinky-curls with a 10-pound dumb bell; exercising muscles that I forgot I had a use for.

I mean that in the actual 'trying to be funny' sense.

Now, I'm naturally a bit of a dork -- and sometimes I can even play it off like 'I meant to do that' but I'll be the first to admit that I've got no business doing stand-up at Yuk-Yuks.


I cranked out 5 pages (out of 30) in my limited amount of time today and looking back on it, I can only describe the experience as 'heartening'.

Will they find my characters interesting and likable? Will my story be 'cool' and 'fresh'?

Will anyone laugh at how this all plays out?

Hell, I dunno.

But I did when I wrote it... so cool beans there.

And that pretty much sums up my goal for the next while: Make myself laugh.

If I go out there trying to be the next 'The Office' or 'Better Off Ted' I'm gonna fail horribly, I know that -- hell, they had full-on writing rooms to churn out that golden thread.

So I'mma just gonna do my thing.

Tell it how I see it and hope for the best.


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