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Monday, April 19, 2010

Spec Bibles = Fun

Today I finished the 2.0 draft of my spec bible and I have to say I'm a bit surprised by how it turned out.

In a good way, I mean.

'Cause it's amazing how much a show can change as the concept comes into focus.

Looking back on my 1st draft of it, there's so much of it that seems vestigial now.

Like pruning a bansai tree, the second draft of my show bible has been a study in patience and connection - finding ways to dig deeper and help the organic shape hidden within find its way out.

So what changed?

Some small things, some big things - I lost one character as, well, they just weren't that necessary to the stories I realized I want to tell.

I focused my logline - which, in retrospect, is pretty pathetic - and changed several characters histories. Some far more than others but the ones that were changed the most were almost rewritten entirely.

It's a weird thing having an interesting character only to realize they're not who you need so you then have to go back in, hollow them out and rebuild them.

Kinda creepy too if you think about it too long.

Moving on.

I have to give a thanks to good buddy Peter who sort of kicked me in the rear by asking me - in his very serious 'developer monkey voice' no less - "What's the story engine of your show?"

Well... Uh...

Not that I didn't have an answer - I had one, but upon closer scrutiny I came to realize it probably wasn't as strong as I'd thought it was.

So I thought about it a tad and I think I've finally hit upon something that's much better.

Just have to hope my producer agrees with me.

In other news, we're officially getting into 'crunch time' in application land and things are starting to come together now... thankfully.

Of course, to look at the check-lists before me they still look woe-fully under-checked... but I think (hope) that's all the lil' easy stuff. The scripts and the bibles and such are all the important bits, right?



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