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Friday, April 09, 2010

The sweet, sweet smell of AWESOME

That first draft of my half-hour spec pilot?


Like, hot, sweaty, steaming, fresh-from-the-oven done.

I did the heavy lifting yesterday, pulled 28 frickin' pages out of my sick, sorry butt... got a great vomit draft on the table and spent most of today making it all make sense.

Luckily that was possible because I got some fantastic overnight notes from some good friends -- folks, never, ever take for granted the boon offered to you by people who're willing to read your stuff on the fly and shoot you back notes overnight.

So, to Steph, Rich and Dave: Thank You!

The official first draft is bad-freaking-ass and I couldn't have done it without ya.

(Believe me, I'm pretty sure my brain had calcified by the time I send that sucker out.)

Today, taking all the threads and re-weaving them and making them... better -- that turned out to be an utter joy. It wasn't easy, but I could feel the progress being made.

Like a vine sprouting from that rough mess on the page and slowly forming into He-Man riding Battlecat into the warzone.

Or something like that.

Anyways, I'd just like to hang a lantern on a couple points I've picked up from this whole experience:

1) I can pull a decent 28 pages out of my butt in a day if I have to. (from outline... otherwise, well, that'd just be scary)

2) I have some wicked, wicked friends.

Now I get to start on the second draft of my show bible.

Good times!

Cheers all,


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome feeling, when something is done, however rough around the edges (and often in the middle too), but you know, whatever else happens next, you finished.

And 28 in one day? Freakin' awesome. I managed 24 once, and that was at the expense of my back, family and sanity, but I also found the script had a pacing and an organic flow better than anything else written in smaller chunks.


RL said...

I love that you said "vomit draft" that is the perfect first draft terminology.

Mad props to you on first draft success, enjoy the Vortex of Awesome for a while!

Brandon Laraby said...

@Gmajor: Yeah, just to have something finished is worth being extremely excited about. That I managed to squeak it out in a day is just... yeah, even now I still feel stoked about it.

24 is still pretty damn amazing too, man... there are days where I sit at that computer and feel like I'm going to burst a blood vessel trying to get anything out of me.

@RL: Yeah, I picked up "Vomit draft" from some of my writer-ly friends and it really fits it quite well, I think. Sometimes I just gotta get it out of me... whether it's good or not will come later.

At least once it's on the page then I can say 'no, this is what I don't want' and go from there.

Anyways, thanks for popping by Gmajor & RL! I really appreciate the positive vibes ;)