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Monday, April 05, 2010

That one ^$!@'n Scene

I've been futzing with my outline for my half-hour comedy series lately, trying to get this silly thing to add up.

Everything's been going great so far, hit some really strong bits that I'm proud of, some really funny scenes that actually make me laugh. Which is good. Laughter is always good.

Well, mostly.

Of course, in fun writer-ly fashion I've gone and painted myself into a corner; created myself a wicked little plot twist... but now I've gotta figure out how my main character gets their way out of it.

I've been racking my brain over it - 'cause I want it to be brilliant and amazing and funny and still match up with the theme of the episode... but so far, that's just not happening.

Thus, I've put in a temp scene -- a little placeholder that's 'okay' but nowhere near the amazing-ness I want to get across. A part of me is thinking that I should just go on and start the first draft since it's only one scene that's holding me back (I've got everything else after it planned out pretty well). This goes double considering the inherently-rough nature of the first draft.

But I dunno... another part of me thinks I should wait it out, put all the pieces in place first.

It's a tough decision but considering the tight time line I'm on, it's not one I can spend a lot of brain-cycles considering.

What do my fellow writer-ly types do when breaking down a story and that one naggine piece just isn't there yet? Do you wait until the whole thing is done? Or do you push forward hoping to find the best part of the climax during the scripting process?


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