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Friday, May 14, 2010

Off To See The Trotsky

Big night tonight in Canadian Cinema:

Much-acclaimed film 'The Trotsky' is getting a proper opening weekend and I'm heading out to see it tonight with as many folks as I can.

I'm proud to get out there and support our Canadian films... especially the good ones -- and man, people just won't shut up about how great this film is.

Hopefully it lives up to the hype.

Often the hardest part for me is knowing when a film is coming out 'cause, really, one thing we're not known for in Canada is the 'full-court press' when it comes to promotions.

That's why I'm tickled pink that this film seems to be getting some love.

Unfortunately it appears to be the exception to the rule.

I recently checked out another Canadian film called The Wild Hunt and thought it was quite good as well... but I'd never have known about it if it weren't for my good buddy, and fellow Inkie, Rich Baldwin telling me how interested he was in seeing it.

Promotion in Canada is a tough nut to crack and it's something I've talked about a great deal before but hopefully, thanks to the rise of things like Twitter, we'll see more web-savvy filmmakers getting out there to kick some ass with their films.

That said, if I could just take a brief moment to talk to our Canadian filmmakers -- don't worry, this'll just take a second:

It's not 'selling-out' to get out there and hit the streets and web and radio to get people to see your movie.

As someone who spent a decent amount of time promoting indie artists back in the day, sometimes that's all you got: your passion.

I've seen people don sandwich boards and walk down Yonge street to promote their work.

Was that selling out? Maybe. Did it get people to come in and see their film or listen to their CD? Absolutely.

We know you have the passion, you managed to slog through all the crap to get your film made. Slog through just a bit longer to get people to see it.

That's all I'm asking.

And believe me, there are lots of people out there like myself who - if you're serious and have a good film - will help spread the word.

Come out from hiding, do some networking... we don't bite.

Anyways, yes. Seeing 'The Trotsky' tonight, will have a review up on it later tonight or tomorrow.


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Gwen Stylez said...

I saw The Trotsky on Tuesday at the screening @ Scotiabank Theatre. It's fantastic! My only beef is, why don't they cast TEENAGERS in the roles of teenagers? I'm tired of seeing washed-up thirtysomethings trying to pretend they're seventeen.