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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Canadian copyright is up on the blocks. Again.

And so I've decided to hunker down, dust off my ol' 'reading prism' and give a good once-over to Bill C-32.

A lot of it will go over my head.

But the general idea is that A) I'll actually read the bill (yay for knowledge) and B) I'll get a personal understanding of what's actually trying to be accomplished here.

One of the hard things for me, as a creator and as a consumer, is to read all of the coverage of this thing and not feel like there's an agenda behind it.

Everyone and their monkey has a dog in this fight... and, well, I guess, myself included... since I'm looking to break into this industry.

And yet it seems like no one's really offering a clear and unbiased picture of what's happening out there... at least not to my satisfaction (and I am trying to keep an open mind).

So I'm doing what all us good Democratic citizens should be doing anyway:

I'm going to read the bill.

And, like I did way back with the famously (and heavily) redacted CRTC in camera session minutes (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), I'm going to post back with my thoughts, questions, comments, etc.

Some of those questions will be answered already, a good number of them may even be 'dumb' but I'll be putting it out there and publicly following my own personal track to try and understand what the bloody hell is going on -- and, ultimately, how I feel about it.

I will do my best to be as unbiased as possible and ask fair questions.

How long that will last is anyone's guess... but the effort will be made.

If you'd like, you can follow along with me by reading bill C-32 here.

Ignore all the press, read the bill for yourself; ask your own questions and demand answers that satisfy you.

First post will be up tomorrow.


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