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Monday, June 14, 2010

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

I apologize for those who've come here thanks to Denis' very kind posting on his blog -- this posting has nothing to do with Bill C-32. In fact, it's kinda gross and disturbing, so you might wanna come back tomorrow for Part 6.

Otherwise, yeah, thanks for popping on by and read on.


Now I'm not exactly an animal rights activist -- I've eaten my fair share of meat and I still rather enjoy a good steak... I'm just not a vegetable kinda guy.

That said, what I've just witnessed has me shaking with rage and I want to see these people go to jail. Right now.

What I'm posting below is animal cruelty so vicious... I'm not even... I mean... what fuck is wrong with some people?

WARNING: Do not watch this video if you are easily sickened - the video contains graphic hidden camera footage of fucked up dairy workers (including the owner of the dairy farm) beating and stabbing their cows then bragging about it -- even sending them off to the butcher after they've been beaten too badly to produce.

Now, I'm not naive, I know where my food comes from (HINT: Watch the Documentary FOOD INC.) and unless I start my own farm, there's really nothing I can do about making sure my food is on the straight and narrow.

But when I see shit like this, when I see people trapping and abusing and hurting these animals just for some sick sense of fun...

No way. That's where I draw the line.

So, why am I sharing this video if it's so messed up?

Because I want people to be angry too.

I want to see people sharing this online with others, getting others angry.

Writing letters, naming names and getting this shit dealt with.

There's no call for this kind of thing, this horrible treatment... and we, as consumers and Human-fucking-beings should demand better.

To whomever created this hidden video, thanks -- you've made quite a case for me to get to know my local dairy farmer. Also: I've got one heck of a letter being written up... just gotta figure out where best to send it.

EDIT: Thanks to Deb Nathan who pointed me in the right direction. Send your letters to:

The Ohio Department of Agriculture
How To Help: email agri@agri.ohio.gov

United States Department of Agriculture How To Help: fill out an 'ask the Expert form' and share the link to this video with them. Ask them what they think about it.

How To Help: Go here and post the link on their wall. I'm sure that'll get their attention.

EDIT 2: The Farm where this happened has been identified:

Gary Conklin, owner - Conklin Dairy Farms, located at 12939 US Highway 42 N Plain City, Ohio 43064-8748 (telephone number (614) 873-8024)

FINAL UPDATE: I just received an email from Teresa Landon, Director of the Ohio SPCA:

"The one guy in the video was arrested and charged. The Union County Humane Society and Sheriff Dept are handling the case. We expect more charges to be filed. The Ohio SPCA intervenes in counties where there is no humane society or humane agent."

You can view an article on the guy's arrest here.

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deborah Nathan said...

You can send your letter to the State of Ohio Dept of Agriculture, Federal Dept. of Agriculture, and the Ohio SPCA. Make sure you send them the YouTube video.