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Monday, July 05, 2010


Today we had a nice little power outage in downtown Toronto, enough to get people hopping around and asking all sorts of interesting questions -- mostly stuff like: where's that large cloud of black smoke coming from?

From what I've heard thus far, a power station over at Kipling station blew a transformer due to today's heat.

Whether or not any of that's credible in the long run, I dunno.

On another angle, I got an interesting text from a friend today, something rather timely in light of today's blackout:

"City council is voting tomorrow at 2 to privatize TO Hydro. Call your councilor if you disagree".

Uh, what?

Yeah, that's something I've gotta get looking into.

In other news, nope: I didn't get into the NSI this year... working with my producer to figure out what the heck to do next.

Fun times.


EDIT: I don't see anything there on City Council's formal agenda for tomorrow... so, hrmm, time to ask my good ol' buddy where their info's coming from.

EDIT 2: I just got sent this by Toronto Council - I realized why we couldn't find it in the agenda, it's linked in the document to another document and then only points to a simple title 'Potential Monitization Of City Assets". No wonder I couldn't find this on the official agenda (and neither could the City Hall official I asked about it)... Talk about convoluted.

Anyways, apparently the Executive committee is recommending that they DON'T privatize Toronto Hydro. You can read the original 18-page report that recommends that here.

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