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Thursday, August 26, 2010

404, Daily: Chapter Fourteen

Hey folks!

13 turned out to be a bit of an unlucky number for me, yesterday. I ended up finishing the chapter but then immediately went back and wrote and re-wrote pretty much the whole thing.

Gawd, it's hard to make your characters smart and interesting when you're feeling particularly dumb. Yesterday was definitely one of those days where I wish that I had this button that says 'smart plan emerges' and that, when I click it, my characters would just be badass.

Unfortunately, yeah, that wasn't the case.

It took me all of last night and most of today to get Chapter 13 to a point where I was happy with it and, man, did that ever throw a wrench into my writing time for Chapter 14 -- thus why it's so late today. I'm still writing 14 right now, but what follows is the first page which sets up for the awesomeness that's sure to come.

As soon as I figure out the best way to make it happen.


*Please Note: What follows below is only the FIRST page of Chapter 14 and is considered to be 'Raw Footage' -- unedited, first-draft material that may be subject to change (even in its entirety). This is designed to keep you in the loop with my story as well as, hopefully, intrigue you enough to want to buy the full, finished episode at the end of the week. Warning: there will be mild spoilers and coarse language as well, so please keep that in mind as you read on.

Episode #3 (which collects the finished and polished versions of chapters 11-15) will be available on Sunday, August 29th for 99 cents CAD.

You are encouraged to offer feedback and/or interact with me as this process unfolds. I'd love to hear what you like, what you don't like and what you'd love to see more of.


Marco feels the weight of the gun in his hand, sweat running down the grip as a chill wind blows around him. He shifts his weight, sending little streams of dust and rock tumbling down the rocky ledge in front of him. Jess shoots him a dirty look, a warning to be careful.

"Now, remember once they arrive, wait to see what they're doing, how many came with him, if he's armed. We take our time, do this right and we should be fine."

Marco nods, feeling the gravel and grit digging into his elbows and belly as he looks down to the roadway.

"Shh! They're here." Jess ducks her head and points to the approaching black sedan.

It trundles along the raised and broken asphalt as it makes its way out toward the water and the old fort. Jess and Marco peek up over the ledge as it passes and slows to a stop out in front of the building. For a long moment the car sits there in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge as Marco and Jess lay on the hilltop, feeling the hot noon-day sun beat down on their backs.

"You sure they can't see us?" Marco squirms as an ant runs up his arm and up the side of his cheek.

"They will if you keep moving."

With a click, all four doors of the sedan open and a group of four men in black suits get out, looking around them, scanning the area before nodding to the figure inside. A long leg emerges in the opening of the door, then another as the tall, slender Asian man climbs out, straightening his light gray suit as a small, thin, young white girl -- maybe 18 -- climbs out and stands beside him.

With her long, messy dark hair and pale skin, she sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the group yet Aang turns to her, says something then bows in a formal way.

The young woman holds a small laptop in her hands, typing on the keyboard then nodding and pointing to the building in front of them. Aang turns to his men and, with a look, all four descend on the entrance.

Jess turns to Marco, a glimmer in her eyes, "Get ready."

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