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Monday, August 16, 2010

404, Daily: Chapter Six

Hey folks!

So, this is the first-ever 'Daily' -- For those of you not in the know, the following post contains the 'Raw Footage' of my upcoming Episode 2 (Chapters 6-10) for my eNovel '404'.

Today is Chapter Six, page one.

Now, please be aware that this is only the FIRST page of chapter six and it is considered unedited, first-draft material that may be subject to change as the week plays out, as other chapters are written or other ideas push themselves to the forefront.

That said, I hope it provides you with a bit of a window into my process and maybe intrigues you into checking out my story '404'.

You can read the original Pitch for my story here. And the first chapter, absolutely free, here.

Read Episode 1 (over on the side there) to get yourself up to speed. It's only 99 cents!

Warning, there may be mild spoilers below -- also: Swears abound. So, yeah, be aware of that too.


Marco jumps as he feels a sharp vibration on his leg; as a loud ringing erupts from his pocket. He fishes out his phone, showing the caller ID to Jess, the sound already half-drowned in the roars and honks and cheers of the crowd.

She grabs Marco and pulls him into an alleyway, racing through the trash-strewn passage; hopping over trash bags and moldy boxes and puddles of… water... as the ringing echoes around them. She spins and pushes him into an alcove where the sounds of the celebration are reduced to a dull, thudding baseline.

With the press of a button Marco turns on the speakerphone, waving for Jess to lean in, already tensing.


"Thank the fucking Christ child! I've only been trying to get through on this goddamn thing for the last three hours and twenty-goddamn minutes. Where. The. Fuck are you?"

"Sir, they’re saying… they’re saying I killed the Senator, that I’m a wanted man."

“Marco, I don’t care what they’re saying, I want my footage! I have interviews to prep and -- just get your ass in here and I’ll sort this out.”

Marco’s eyes light up at the prospect but Jess shakes her head, the look in her eyes saying all that need be said; after a long moment of consideration he musters the courage.

“I can’t, sir. I’m sorry.”

“You’re ‘sorry’? Listen here, you little shit, I’ve been doing this for 25 fucking years and I have never once missed a deadline. I swear, I will see you burn in hell if you make me, so help me --"

With a trembling hand Marco clicks the button and the line goes dead.

“I… I thought they were sleeping.”

Jess offers a quizzical look, unsure of his meaning.

“When I was with the Senator… he said that things were going to get complicated. He looked so tired and frail, I mean... he sat in his chair… he fell asleep. I left. That's it, I swear! I didn’t kill them!”

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