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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trivia Tuesday!

Hey there!

Would you like to read my eNovel '404' for free?

Well, here's a great start!

Today's Trivia Tuesday -- which means, if you're the first one to answer a few, simple, Google-able, trivia questions, you'll win yourself a free copy of both Episodes #1 and #2 (Chapters 1-10)!

Also: You may just learn something new and cool about the ol' interweb.

Sound snazzy? Cool!

Post your answers in the comments section!

Trivia Tuesday:

#1: The military just reported significant progress in creating a new type of rechargeable battery -- one that can be woven right into fabric! -- that's made with the help of a common virus. What's the name of the virus they used?

#2: Drinking two cups of this beverage before a meal has just been proven to help weight-loss. What beverage is it?

#3: What is your all-time favourite video game?



Anonymous said...

1. M13 bacteriophage (And that's so cool! I want one for my very own!)

2. Water

3. Warlords (Atari arcade version, although the 2600 version wasn't too bad)

Brandon Laraby said...

Hey Garner,

Very good - congratulations!

And yes, I think I wanna get me a few of those batteries... man, the future really is flying right at us.

I'm sending the first two episodes to the email linked on your blogger account.