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Monday, September 27, 2010

404, Daily: Chapter Thirty-One

Well, it was a nice week off -- with the exception of one event that truly pissed me off. This last weekend I went out to do some grocery shopping with my wife and, somehow, I managed to lose the USB key I always carry around with me.

It's not much, just a little one-gig thing but its contents are quite precious: it's got all of my writing for the last 4 years on it.

Now, it's not as bad as it could've been, I learned long ago to back up anything I don't want lost forever... but still I can't help but feel bothered by the fact that years of my work is just floating out there in the wind like that.

That said, I used a little techie-trick involving creating an autorun.inf file so that should anyone plug it into their computer they'll see a little message from yours truly. Something like 'If found please call' and then my cell #.

It's a useful little trick, so, for those of you who would hate to have this happen to you, here's how to do it (this works on PC, not sure about MAC):

Right-click and create a new text document. Rename it to 'autorun.inf' and put it in the root of your flashdrive.

Edit the text file and put in the following:
icon = .\
label=Return For Reward! (xxx-xxx-xxxx)

The 'icon' bit is whatever .ico file you want represent your drive when it's loaded. Put the file into the root of your drive.

The label can be pretty much anything, but it'll cut you off after about 30-ish characters.

Hope that helps (and may you never lose your flash drive!).

Oh, and here's the Daily for Chapter 31!


*Please Note: What follows below is only the FIRST page of Chapter 31 and is considered to be 'Raw Footage' -- unedited, first-draft material that may be subject to change (even in its entirety). This is designed to keep you in the loop with my story as well as, hopefully, intrigue you enough to want to buy the full, finished episode at the end of the week.

Warning: there will be SPOILERS and coarse language as well, so please keep that in mind before you read on.

Episode #7 (which collects the finished and polished versions of chapters 31-35) will be available on Sunday, October 3rd for 99 cents CAD.

You are encouraged to offer feedback and/or interact with me as this process unfolds. I'd love to hear what you like, what you don't like and what you'd love to see more of.


"Hello?" Marco calls out, feeling a cold wind blow through him as he gazes across the road, to a large, faded sign: Constitution Ave.

"Hello!?" Jess yells in the other direction, shaking her head at the silence. "This is nuts…"

"Yeah, tell me about it." Marco walks past her, around the side of the wreckage.

"Where're you going?" she asks, falling in step behind him.

He passes the overturned cockpit, running his fingers along the scratched and torn metal, feeling the thick crevices and long patches of seared white paint as he makes his way toward the passenger's entrance. "There's one person who'd know what's going on and if he's still alive, I'm going to find --"

Marco stops as the tail-section of the plane stretches out before him, bent at a firm ninety-degree angle like a 'V' -- the entire rear end crumpled and twisted, laying in a bed of shattered glass. From where they stand, he can see that many seats have been dislodged from the floor, now resting -- or embedded -- in the roof and walls.

"I don't seem him," Marco says, dropping to his knees, peering through the shattered windows. "No blood, no nothing…"

"Over there!" Jess points to the remnants of the emergency exit. She runs toward it, pulling a strip of fabric from the door.

Marco approaches, keeping a look out, watching for any movement. "You think he blew out the back during the crash?" He takes the fabric in hand and realizes it's soaked in blood.

"Maybe," She says, getting close to the ground. "On second thought, check this out." She swipes a finger along the pavement, holding up a bloody finger. "Faint, but it's there."

"So… He survived the crash, bandaged himself up… and took off?" Marco walks over to the tiny blood trail, squinting, trying to see where it leads. "Yeah, look at that." He points ahead, to small dark splatters as they lead away from the wreckage.

"Jeezus, he's on the move!"

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