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Friday, September 10, 2010

404, Daily: Chapter Twenty-Five

Hey folks!

Been a crazy week, trying to keep everything on the up and up as I work on two projects at the same time... but it's such a great feeling to even be in that position that I can't complain at all.

Today's Daily is actually another huge reveal and so I just can't bring myself to post it and ruin the surprise. And so I'm going to share a couple more deleted scenes from earlier in the novel.

*Please Note: What follows below are DELETED SCENES and are not a part of the story proper.

Also: Episode #5 (which collects the finished and polished versions of chapters 21-25) will be available on Sunday, August 29th for 99 cents CAD.

You are encouraged to offer feedback and/or interact with me as this process unfolds. I'd love to hear what you like, what you don't like and what you'd love to see more of.

The scene below is from near the end of Chapter 3, I was originally going to expand this chapter to include Marco getting yelled at by his boss for not doing his job and interviewing the other victims but I felt that it was too much and that ending the chapter on Jess's advice to Marco would make a much more touching end to the scene.


Marco's cellphone rings inside his slacks, startling him to his feet as he rummages through his pocket.


"I hate this fucking thing -- being trying to call you since it happened, can't get a call in edgewise. Where the fuck are you?"

"Mr. Richardson? We're still on site, just prepping--"

"Where are my interviews with the victims? The cops? The paramedics?! You better not fuck me on this!"

"No sir!"

"I want quality shit and I want it now - don't you dare come back here without it."
The line clicks, dead. Marco stares at the phone in disbelief.

Jess shakes her head.

"Jeezus Christ that guy's an asshole!"

* * *

This scene was originally going to be in Chapter 13, as I felt that the story had been going too hard for too long -- I felt that they needed a chance to rest and get their bearings.

Unfortunately this scene started to lead me into a sort of self-indulgent dream sequence (which I quickly realized I'd only get myself -- and the story -- bogged down into) and so I decided to cut it.

On the bright side, this did end up inspiring me to write that fun scene with them talking about 'pay day' in that same chapter.


He yawns in spite of himself, eyelids heavy, the last gasp of the day's adrenaline leaving his body. “How are you still so awake?”

Jess grins, “Years of practice, kid. S’okay, you catch some Zs, this’ll be here waiting when you wake up.”

She motions to the camera and he nods, feeling that inward pull as his eyes close.
“I’ll… just… take a quick…”

He curls into a half-fetal position, head resting on his arm, letting the gentle rocking of the water lull him as the begging for sleep becomes a demand, as his consciousness drags him down into oblivion.

Colours dance before his eyes, colours that solidify into characters on a computer screen. Marco, now over three hundred pounds, thrashes in his chair as he yells into his headset.

"No! You fucking idiot! Don't -- why are you --?!" Marco's hands grip the massive bottle of soda, sipping through a straw.

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