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Thursday, September 16, 2010

404, Daily: Chapter Twenty-Nine

Hey folks!

Well, Chapter 29 is wrapped and things are getting intense for Marco. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to post a Daily for Chapter 30 as I'm not sure I can post it without spoiling a whole lot of things.

We'll see how it goes...

Until then, here's the Daily for Chapter 29.


*Please Note: What follows below is only the FIRST page of Chapter 29 and is considered to be 'Raw Footage' -- unedited, first-draft material that may be subject to change (even in its entirety). This is designed to keep you in the loop with my story as well as, hopefully, intrigue you enough to want to buy the full, finished episode at the end of the week.

Warning: there will be SPOILERS and coarse language as well, so please keep that in mind before you read on.

Episode #6 (which collects the finished and polished versions of chapters 26-30) will be available on Sunday, September 19th for 99 cents CAD.

You are encouraged to offer feedback and/or interact with me as this process unfolds. I'd love to hear what you like, what you don't like and what you'd love to see more of.


Jess points the gun at Alex and he skitters backward, dragging his bleeding foot behind him, pushing himself into the wall of the plane.

She smiles. "You know, a lot of people think that pulling back the hammer on a pistol… that it's only for intimidation; that it's… just for effect." She clicks back the hammer on the gun, her eyes unwavering, focused on Alex. "And, certainly, there's something to that. I mean, that… click. You hear it? The locking mechanism snapping into place, holding that little, quarter-ounce piece of steel about an half-an-inch from the chamber?" She stares across at the whimpering man, the gun steady in her hand. "But what most don't know is that without the hammer pulled back, the trigger has to complete a dual action -- pull back and release. With half the work already done, with that much less -- a fraction of a second less -- to travel, the trigger… it can just… fire. One simple, little 'click' giving me far improved reaction time and accuracy." She chuckles. "Such a simple thing..."

She turns her head to Marco and tosses him the parachute with her free hand. "Put this on."

Marco fumbles with the straps, slipping his legs through the loops and pulling them tight. Freya helps him put his arms through the straps, tightening everything down and snapping the buckles.

"You ever gone skydiving before?" Jess asks. Marco shakes his head, feeling the weight on his back pulling him down. "When you get out there, keep your eyes shut at first -- you don't have any goggles and the wind can be a nasty bitch. You don't have an altimeter so the moment you get out and away from the plane, you pull this string here --" She grabs the green cord hanging from his left shoulder. "-- Then hang on to these handholds here."

Marco nods. "So how do I do this? Do I strap you two in? We should find some rope or cables or…" Jess smiles, a sadness in her eyes.

"That's not how it works. You can't have three to 'chute… hell, even two is pushing it without a proper harness to go tandem." She takes a deep breath, trying to keep her emotions in check. "I'm not coming with you."

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