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Monday, September 06, 2010

404, Daily: Chapter Twenty-One

No, Labour Day has not kept me away from the ol' laptop -- been writing today, trying to figure out the best way to carry on from the wicked half-way point reveal and, by golly, I think I've finally got it down.

Thanks to those of you who decided to jump on board during today's sale, very cool of you and I appreciate your support (don't worry, as my first-run supporters you'll all be getting a little something special once this's all said and done)!

One of the things I've been asked recently is 'what genre does your story fall into?' and I think, looking at how it's all developed, the best answer would be Action/Thriller. It's got a breathless pace, interesting characters and an ever-deepening plot. (Also, it's gonna have a wicked, wicked ending... but that's still 'hush-hush'.)

Anyways, once again, thank you so much for your support!

Here's today's Daily for Chapter 21:


*Please Note: What follows below is only the FIRST page of Chapter 21 and is considered to be 'Raw Footage' -- unedited, first-draft material that may be subject to change (even in its entirety). This is designed to keep you in the loop with my story as well as, hopefully, intrigue you enough to want to buy the full, finished episode at the end of the week. Warning: there will be mild spoilers and coarse language as well, so please keep that in mind as you read on.

Episode #5 (which collects the finished and polished versions of chapters 21-25) will be available on Sunday, September 12th for 99 cents CAD.

You are encouraged to offer feedback and/or interact with me as this process unfolds. I'd love to hear what you like, what you don't like and what you'd love to see more of.


Screams rise over Tent City as the tornado-like fury of the helicopter’s rotors rip the polyethelene homes from their moorings, as people trample each other in desperate attempts to flee the assault.

And yet while many flee this nightmare, two small bands of people – one dressed in leather armor and chainmail and wielding wooden swords, the other dressed all in furs and wielding plastic axes – rush toward the chaos.

“For the Alliance!”

“For the Horde!”

Their battle cries are silenced, however, as they are sent tumbling backwards in the aftershock of the helicopters’ passing.

Marco watches as the Blackhawks head straight for him, in silent awe at the destruction being wrought.

“Come on!” Bill grabs Marco by the arm, pulling him toward a revving, beat-up old Smart Car. Marco jumps into the seat beside Ajeet, who sits at the wheel, a mixture of sadness and anger on his face.

Behind them, Bill and Frank jump into separate cars.

“We had accomplished so much. So much.” Ajeet hits the steering wheel, a momentary loss of composure before nodding to himself. “But we will rebuild. We know exactly what must be done now. Yes.”

He opens the large, modified glove compartment. “This is lead-lined. Quickly, put any electronics you have in here.” Ajeet slams the gas, pushing Marco back into his seat as the car speeds toward the wrought-iron gate.

Marco tosses Aang’s cell phone in and fights to stuff Freya’s netbook inside as the gate looms over them. Ajeet flips a switch on the side panel and the gate blows open, crashing to the ground as the cars drive over it.

Marco slams the glove compartment closed as the whirring of the helicopter blades grows louder behind them.

“Forgive us.” Ajeet says aloud, toward the sky. He turns to Bill, in the car beside him and nods. Bill holds up a trigger mechanism and presses the button.

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