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Friday, October 01, 2010

404 Cover Contest Update!

Hey all!

So, after doing some fancy math-related things with my calculator and digging around in my couch a bit, I've decided that the winner of my 404 cover contest will recieve:

$150 CAD in a gift card of your choice (hopefully something I can set up online for you)


A promotional link for your website or portfolio included in the final version of both the eNovel and Print versions of the book.

Sound good? Catch up on the rules and such here and get to it! Contest closes at the end of the month!

In other contest-related news, it looks like I've got a great question here from Rich Baldwin:

"For the print version, do you want a front and back cover with a spine? If so, do you know how large the spine is likely to be? From your measurements you could be going for a trade paperback or a hardcover book--will you have a hardcover version? Because hardcover versions need to be slightly larger than the book block to accommodate the hard cover stock, and also need an extra couple of inches for the tongues of the slipcover."

Hey Rich, thanks for writing in with your question!

Primarily I'm looking for an eye-catching front cover only -- that said, if you want to make a back cover and spine, by all means, I won't stop you. But the front cover is the main thing that will be judged.

For the print version, it'll be in a trade paperback format, so please keep that in mind when creating the artwork -- that said, the winning cover art will also be used in the promotions material for the book, so please make it high resolution as well so that I can use it for posters, etc. should I need to.

Cheers all!

And good luck!

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