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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Knee-Deep in the Finale

Man, it's been a tough week trying to make sure I wrap all this up properly, trying to make it worthy of the time you've invested.

If there's one true thing that's ever been spoken about writing -- or life, in general -- it's that "Endings are hard."

And damn, is that ever true.

Mostly, for me, it's the process of letting go. Of writing these last chapters and scenes, trying to make sure it all adds up to something.

Hopefully something worth your time.

The finale goes live Sunday night, October 10th, marking the end of this wonderful and informative experiment of mine. I've learned a ton -- about myself, about my writing... and, more importantly, that people ARE willing to pay lil' ol' me for my writing (which, frankly, is pretty damn cool).

I want to thank all of you who've subscribed -- from those at the beginning all the way to those who've just joined up over the last couple of days, I really appreciate the support!

Hopefully you've enjoyed this process as much as I have.

Just as a bit of a note: the subscription link will be coming down on Friday, to be replaced with a final 'Buy Now' button that will sell the finished book (which should be going live at the end of October) for $9.99 CAD -- so those last few of you who've been holding out (and you know who you are) can feel free to subscribe and save yourselves a few bucks before the finale comes out.

Other than that, I'm back to writing, trying to make sure this thing sings before swan-song time rolls around.

And, for the couple that've asked in passing, no I'm not giving up on TV. I'll be going back to it soon enough -- in fact, I should be working to break a new spec pilot by Thanksgiving Day (if I don't crash from turkey-overload).


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