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Monday, November 22, 2010

Ruby Skye Episode 9 is Live!

Check it out folks, all the way over here!

Don't dawdle, go, check it out. There is goodness.

In other news, today is a slow day -- been trying to work on the novel, get it ready but life and time are two things that seem to be in intense competition these days. Fingers crossed that I can get it all done and looking good by mid-December. :S

Also: To those who've enjoyed my rundown of the CFC's recent TEST PATTERN interview with Hart Hanson, I put it to you: Who would you like to hear from next? Any nagging questions you need answered? I make no promises (and no, I'm not affiliated with the CFC) but if I know, I can keep my ear to the ground for opportunities. Sometimes people show up unexpectedly.

You know, at things like Band Practice.

PROTIP: If you're a newbie writer, this is a good place to meet other writers. Just show up, be chill and, most importantly: don't be creepy. I know that sounds weird, but yeah... historically we've had a few people who didn't read that particular part of the memo. (HINT: If you're actually worried that you'll show up and 'be creepy', chances are that you aren't/won't be... and yes, I say this as a former worrier myself).

That said, it's all about building the community and if you're starting out, this is a great chance to get out there and meet other writer-ly types and their (producer/director/actor/editor/crew) friends in a relaxed and sociable setting. If you don't know anyone, introduce yourself to the first person you see and say some variation of "Hi, I'm < >, this is my first time at Band Practice." and/or "Are you a writer?" Usually those are pretty good ice breaker -- after that though, you're on your own ;)

Cheers (and see you there)!

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