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Friday, December 31, 2010

Wrapping It Up

There's very little use in making lists this year -- a whole lot of good and bad happened and to try and fit any of it into a list... it just doesn't make sense.

Tho, if there's anything to be said about it all, looking back on it, it really is all about balance.

For every Jonah Hex there you have an Inception.

For every Shit My Dad Says you have a Walking Dead.

For every BP oil disaster you have a...

Okay, no, that one really doesn't have a positive counter-point.


Right. Let's scratch the comparison thing and eschew the big picture for a bit -- 'cause frankly, that's starting to look rather dark and grim, what with all that talk of the looming Canadian Mortgage Bubble and all (get out of debt while you can folks...).

On a more personal level, I managed to get a book written and out into the world... and people actually seem to like it. Hopefully I'll have a print version ready soon and maybe even a few reviews...? Fingers crossed there.

Looking forward, to the new year, in mid-February (yes, only 6 weeks away now) we'll be welcoming little Aaron Laraby to the world... and then immediately setting upon his Jedi training.

Also, I've been working on a webseries with some friends. With a bit of luck, that'll be finished and see the light of day in the coming year ahead.

Other than that, whatever time that's left (which may not be much) will be going back into TV and scripts, getting myself reacquainted with that world and seeing what I've missed in the last while. (A brief peek at a Google search says 'a lot).

On a final note, something positive for those of you who are of the 'writer' type and are looking to fall in with some good people, check out Ink Canada. Karen Walton is looking for a few good people for their 2011 'Inkterns'. Read up more about it and find out more about the site here. Good Luck!

Happy New Year, all! See you on the flipside!


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