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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Year, New Shows

So, while Mr. Henshaw has been looking back on shows that he's really enjoyed in the last year (a great list with some fantastic shows), I've decided to flip the script a bit.

Here are some shows that I'm actually looking forward to in 2011.

Whether they'll live up to the hype, that's another story... but for now, here's what I'm hoping to get a chance to watch once they're released to the world.

Being Human - American AND British versions

A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost share a flat in Bristol. Easiest pitch in the world, right?

Well change Bristol to Boston cause the show's been brought state-side and is premiering in just under 2 weeks (Jan 17th).

As a fan of the UK version, I'm somewhat worried how it'll all translate -- from what I've seen it seems entirely too 'glossy', like they went and made everything as pretty as possible then tossed some dust and dirt around but forgot to lower the lighting (seriously, is it just me or does everything look too-perfectly lit?). Still, the cast looks interesting enough, and I'm willing to give it a chance.

That said, the guy playing the American version of 'Mitchell' (the vampire, now called 'Aidan' -- a nod to the UK version's actor Aidan Turner?) practically sparkles with his own square-jawed, chiseled feature-ness. Personally, I think they might've aimed a bit too Twilight/Vampire Diaries in their casting... but then again, those series are doing quite well so what the hell do I know?

On the other side of the pond, and certainly finding its way to our shores soon enough, the 3rd series of this show will be airing on BBC3 sometime in 2011. If series 3 is even remotely as good as series 2 then I'll be one happy lil' TV watcher. If you haven't had a chance to check out this show, now's a great time to get yourself caught up before series 3 gets off the ground.

Game Of Thrones

Now I'll state right off the top that I haven't yet read the books. I've had 'The Song of Fire and Ice' on my 'to-read' list for a while now, but I've never been able to sit down and get into it. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get to it before it airs in April of this year. All I know is that everyone I know who's ever read this book has been raving about how amazing it is. Can't argue those kinds of reviews.

Though if you haven't yet read the book (and don't intend to), apparently Mr. Martin has said the TV series will closely follow the book's storylines. So... yeah, there's that.

On a side note, if you're a fan of the books/soon to be series, you might be interested in this *SPOILER-FILLED and in no way official* Season 2 outline for A Clash of Kings.

Since I've never read the books, it's like reading Sanskrit to me, but some of you may not be so lucky, so be forewarned. True, it's pretty much just the chapters of the book put into an 'outline' format for TV but I thought it was pretty neat and thought I'd share since I was on the subject.

True Blood

Granted, I can count the number of characters I like on this show on two fingers (Lafayette and Jessica) and nothing they've ever done has quite matched the brilliance of this single clip:

But apparently this is the season where the storyline (there's a storyline?) kicks into high gear. So... okay. Why not. When this show is going absolutely balls-to-the-wall insane (which it does, often), there's simply nothing else like it on TV for sheer entertainment. Count me in.

Lights Out

This new series -- about a retired boxer who, after learning that he's losing his mind to pugilistic dementia, turns to leg-breaking for loan sharks to support his family -- seems like it's either going to be dark as all hell or a fantastic tale of redemption. The set up sort of feels like 'Breaking Bad' meets Boxing but given FX's track record for putting together some seriously solid programming, I'm going to give this one a long hall pass based entirely off the trailer. It premieres on January 11th, so mark your calendars people.

Borderline Shows

These are shows that I've only got a passing curiosity for. I'll give them my usual 3 episode glance but if they don't stack up, I'll have no qualms in dropping them *cough* No Ordinary Family *cough*

The Cape

Okay, this is going to be campy. I know it. Spider-silk capes, circus freaks (has no one yet learned from Heroes' mistake?) and a loving dad trying to clear his name with a mask stapled to his forehead.

That said, it's got Vinnie Jones playing a villain called 'Scales'... so... okay. Fine. You get 3 episodes. Please don't suck.

Off The Map

I'll admit it, I liked the first season of Grey's Anatomy. I sort of fell away from the show around the second season, but I actually dug the first season. I never got into Private Practice (tho' I did give it 3 eps) but I figured, "aww hell, why not?" with Shonda Rhimes' next series 'Off The Map'. Now, yes, the previews for the show aren't exactly thrilling me, but I'm intrigued enough to set my DVR up for a 3-peat.

Also: +1 for casting Caroline Dhavernas (of Wonderfalls fame).

We'll see.


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