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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hey, Some Good News!

Okay, so... now that I've stopped using potentially harmful chemicals on my son (and written a stern letter to Huggies) I'm feeling a bit better about the situation.

It also inspired me into a bout of creativity, which helped me start to design a product... which I'm not entirely sure how to bring about into the real world just yet... but is pretty danged awesome. More on that when I can articulate it.

Now for that good news I was talking about.

I've just gotten word that a spec pilot script that I wrote has just been selected by 'Lift Out Loud' as part of their Screenplay Reading Series.

What does that mean?

Well, essentially, it means that on this April 13th, my spec pilot (called 'Pipeline') is going to get a professional table read in front of a live audience.

Pretty darned sweet, if you ask me.

For a Writer, a table read is a fantastic thing on a number of levels but one of the best things is that you get to see what another person -- an actor -- will do with what you've written. Every decision they make as they bring the character to life is a blessing (even if you don't always agree with the decision, it often helps to reveal a new, un-thought-of perspective).

Also: you get to hear your words spoken aloud, which can be a nerve wracking experience (to say the least).

Luckily, this is my second-ever table read, so I'm a bit more prepared than I was the first time. You see, a few years back an amazingly cool actress by the name of Beatriz Yuste went above and beyond to organize a table read for my very first script, 'Savage Knights'. It was a brilliant experience and it's informed pretty much every decision I've made since as a writer.

Believe me, once you hear a narrator talk for minutes on end, as actors wait in the wings for their chance to participate, you become very aware about cutting down your stage directions.

Mine were, well... novel-tastic and I really felt bad for the poor narrator by the end. (I remember her having to tag out due to dry throat... seriously! Yikes...)

Since then I've worked to keep things flowing and snappy where ever I can.

Anyways, I'm incredibly excited to have the chance to hear 'Pipeline' come to life -- and a touch nervous... but I guess that's how that goes.

I want to leave you today with some of Beatriz's work -- she's an amazing person and funny as all hell.

Have a great one!


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