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Friday, April 29, 2011

Time To Put Harper Over The Boards

We're 3 days out from the election, 3 days until we Canadians get to have our say... and it looks like the NDP may -- may -- have just pushed themselves up near the front of the line.


I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that.

Certainly, I like the fact that we could (possibly) end up with a Prime Minister who's neither Harper nor Ignatieff... but at the same time, I'm concerned with the fact that we're already neck-deep in deficit and could vote in someone who's platform calls for a lot of new spending.

It's a tough thing -- and yet I know it's something that Harper's counting on. He wants us to be afraid of change.

To fear the unknown -- better the Devil you know, and all that, right?

As you know, he's long been playing the Fear card; hell, he's been riding that one-legged horse into the ground from day one.

All he has is that ol' uncertainty -- the fear of what will happen if he's not at the helm.

But at the same time, I have to ask this question:

If, for any reason, the entire system will fall apart without you at the reins, then what the hell kind of leader are you?

A good leader makes sure that no matter what happens, the system continues on.

A great leader ensures that the system thrives without them, for the good of the people.

Now, yes, I know I heard a few of you roll your eyes there -- is this guy naive or what? -- but... shouldn't that be true? Shouldn't we expect that from the highest office of our Government? (well, the one that we have any say in)

And if it's not, shouldn't we demand better?

Speaking as someone who ran their own small business, the worst kind of employee you can hire is someone who takes the job and nestles in like a tick -- one that is belligerent, that fights the sharing of information, that makes themselves 'irreplaceable'... to your company's own detriment.

That's who we have running the show right now: a tick.

We have a man who, for almost the entirety of his run, has existed behind closed doors; who rules our government with an iron fist, to the point where he even makes the few scientists we have left report to him before being allowed to speak publicly!

And only now, only once his situation is threatened, only then does he appear and start being 'chatty Cathy' with the locals. Now he's wearing hard hats and smiling for cameras and trying to make everyone forget how bad he's cocked things up for us.

Folks, the guy got our country bitch-slapped on an International level; embarrassed us on the world stage. (UN Security Council, anyone?).

He single-handedly changed the way the rest of the world perceives our country by making sure that Canada was the primary blocking force against major WORLD Climate Change legislation. Back in 2007. And then in 2010 when they killed the Accountability Act.

Here's a bit of light reading for you:
Canada's image lies in tatters. It is now to climate what Japan is to whaling.

Think about that for a moment and then ask yourself:

Does this man deserve to lead?

Does he deserve to speak on your behalf on a world stage?

Does he deserve the right to re-shape our country in his image?


So, this Monday, fight back. Go to the polls and kick his lily-livered ass to the curb.

And if you think that your vote doesn't count; that you're in a riding that's doomed to lose anyway, then allow me to put forward a couple of options that might just change your mind:

ProjectDemocracy.ca - Find out the facts about your riding, who's running, who stands the best chance of winning, if you live in a swing or battleground riding. Find out how to best utilize your vote.

Votepair.ca - Swap out your vote for someone else in a riding where the vote might actually matter. You never know... might be just the thing that makes the difference. Remember: It only takes +1 vote to win.

Good luck folks, let's lace up and make'em count.


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