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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Prep

So, I've got a list of 30 scripts here, pulled from a vast and awesome resource called, quite simply, TV Writing.

There's an utter ton of scripts here and it was a bit of a challenge to figure out which ones I was going to pick.

A good number of the shows here I've never seen before, so I often went with pilots -- that said, not every show had a pilot available, so I went with whatever seemed most interesting at the time.

Here's my list, in reading order (Due to potential legalities, etc, rather than linking to them directly, please find all the scripts I'm noting here at the above website):


1. Castle 1x01 - Chapter One
2. The Big Bang Theory 2x05 - The Catalina Alternative
3. Psych 1x11 - He Loves Me He Loves Me Not He Loves Me Oops He's Dead
4. Dexter 1x12 - Born Free
5. Friends 3x06 - The One With The Flashback
6. Deadwood 1x01 - Pilot
7. Party Down 1x01 - Pilot
8. Gossip Girl 1x01 - Pilot
9. Modern Family 1x01 - Pilot
10. Pushing Daisies 1x01 - Pilot
11. Episodes 1x01 - Pilot
12. The Walking Dead 1x01 - Pilot
13. The Office 1x02 - Diversity Day
14. Alias 1x01 - Truth Be Told
15. Flight Of The Conchords 1x03 - Mugged
16. The Borgias 1x01 - Pilot
17. Shit My Dad Says 1x01 - Pilot
18. Weeds 1x01 - You Can't Miss The Bear
19. The Wire 1x01 - The Target
20. Frasier 1x01 - The Good Son
21. House 1x01 - Pilot
22. Due South 1x12 - Hawk and a Handsaw
23. Smallville 1x01 - Pilot
24. Community 1x01 - Pilot
25. Justified 1x01 - Pilot
26. Bored To Death 1x01 - Pilot
27. Dark Skies 1x01 - Awakening
28. Entourage 1x01 - Pilot
29. Mike & Molly 1x01 - Pilot
30. West Wing 1x01 - Pilot

And that's the list. I'll be getting started tomorrow with Castle, but until then...


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