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Monday, May 16, 2011

Share The Goodies

I've been watching all sorts of trailers for the coming onslaught of new shows, trying to decide which ones -- if any -- I'll end up watching.

Weird thing is, there's not a whole lot that's speaking to me at the moment.

Which kind of leads me to the one question that I haven't heard being asked when it comes to Pilot Season down South:

Why aren't we (the viewer/would-be audience) given the chance to choose what we want to see on TV?

We've got the internet and they've got an utter fuck-ton of pilots made every year that never see the light of day.

Why not put them up on the web and let people watch them?

Hell, maybe make an American Idol of TV shows sort of thing out of it?

Do it all on the web, maybe round-robin style?

Maybe you tease that the top one or two shows will get a prime-time slot on network TV -- and, hey, maybe -- in doing so -- you guarantee yourself, a small but vocal audience so that the show hits the ground running.

The best part of this idea is that, at the very least, a whole host of people's hard work is going to be out there and watched by an audience instead of collecting dust on a shelf (or worse).

And hey, you never know, it could spawn a whole new kind of cross-over hit.

Could be worth a try, folks.

Just sayin'.


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