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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Out and About

Yes, I definitely needed a bit of a break after last month's 30-day run.  Simply put, my brain was about 3 gears past overdrive by the end as I tried to balance this self-assignment with the other projects I've been slugging away at.

It was a crazy time but, thankfully, I learned a fantastic amount -- not only about formatting and various screenwriter tricks, but also about some of the decisions made that turn a second draft to a final, ready-to-air script.

I got a sneak peek behind the scenes of some of my favourite TV shows from the writer's perspective -- scenes that seemed like a great idea at the time, or scenes that were just never destined to make the cut but the writer felt strongly about including them; that they were essential parts of that version of the story.

I've been digesting ever since, working it around in my gut, trying to see if I'm ready to tackle another spec script.

Yes, I think it's just about time.

In other news, my new-and-improved bible for 'Pipeline' is off to the races.  Should hopefully be getting some notes back on that soon.

Also: Today was pretty cool in that I managed, with the help of fellow Inkie Kristen Swinkels, to make my first short in a while.  It was an incredibly exciting day, especially considering that I haven't been in front of a camera since... well, high school, really (yes, I wrote and acted in this thing).  But, by all accounts, this little project of ours appears to have gone off pretty damned well.

We won't be getting around to editing it until Monday, but it's all in the can.  Fingers crossed, it might actually turn out to be something watchable.

More to come!


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