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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Project Ink

So, one of the lil' shorts that I was working on is done. It's not so much a 'short film' as a promo piece -- but really, it's the best kind of promotion ever!

You see, inkcanada had started searching for a new set of 'Inkterns' -- young, aspiring writers who wanted to help create content for the site while getting some personal one-on-one time with the pros. (in this case, Karen Walton herself, since she created and runs the site). Once we (fellow Inktern Kristen Swinkels and I) heard about this, we wanted to put together a little something to help Karen promote this auspicious event.

The sort of inside joke here is that I was the first Inktern -- back in the day Karen and I worked together to bring the idea to life; creating a chance for motivated, newbie writers (like myself) to learn about the industry and cut their teeth by doing assignments and getting professional-level feedback on your work in return.

It ended up being an amazing, life-changing experience for me.

And I can't wait to see what the 'Inkterns 2.0' get up to.

Incidentally, 'FQU's' are interviews that we would put together as self-made assignments. The idea was that we (myself and the other Inkterns, sometimes Karen herself) would track down a professional writer or someone in the industry and ask them 5 questions, trying to get as much awesome information out of them as we could. Thing was, these often ended up being done via email... and, well, some folks weren't all that diligent about getting back to us (after agreeing to do the interview).

Needless to say, sometimes we had to chase people down.

In the video, I hear that they're looking for a 'New Generation' of Inkterns. And, well, let's just say that my experience... well, it changed me :P

Gawd I need a haircut.

Join inkcanada today, folks!

It's great fun, really! :D


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