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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Ink Canada's a site I used to pimp on my blog quite often, an active, vibrant, free social community for writers, would-be writers and other entertainment-type folk.

Over the last while, however, mostly because of Facebook's ass-backward approach to 'making things better', said community started to lose its lustre. Mostly because said community couldn't find the spots to be communal anymore. And we never really knew when there was new content available.

And, well, I grew fucking tired of Facebook. Seriously. I wasn't exactly sure when or where it all happened, but sometime early last year I had a sort of 'meh' moment when I went about checking my Facebook account. I just... couldn't be bothered. The place had turned into the worst kind of MySpace clone -- less a place of sparkling spinny rides that cause you to vomit on the floor and more a place where everywhere you look was another billboard. Another billboard proclaiming that one of your friends had just experienced the 'cool, clean rush' of some other inane product.

Essentially, Facebook's become a permanent -- and significantly more corporate -- County Bazaar.

As of today I have over 114 requests to play Family Feud online and hundreds of other requests from people who want to get me addicted to the most recent Zynga Crack Pipe simulator.

And yet... I find myself going back.

Not to actually use 'Facebook' the product, but because they finally did something right in regards to their 'Groups'. Now all of the discussions are on the front page of the group AND, they've started sending out emails alerting you whenever there's new content in said group.

For me, this is a brilliant thing. Yes, it does mean that I end up with a crapload of new email, but I can skim through the messages (now lovingly included with said email) and decide if I want to hop over to the site to interact.

Pretty much everything else about my Facebook profile (with the exception of the odd picture or cross-twitter status update) has become a derelict vessel... but this new Groups thing has won back my interest.

For now.

Until they inevitably fuck it up again (you know, like their 'new' idea for how 'Chat' works).

Anyways, all this to say the following:

If you're a new writer, an aspiring writer or someone else in the industry, come on over and check out the new inkcanada Group site. It's pretty insanely busy and there's a lot going on... it's a great time to get involved and meet some new people.


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