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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Workout: Day Four

Today I didn't actually get around to doing my workout until after 6pm... so that sort of threw a crimp into a few of my plans -- namely, going back there tomorrow at 8am.

In other news, I've (re-)discovered the benefits of taking Vitamin B to help out on my workout routine (read: I found an old bottle of B Complex vitamins kicking around).  There's a great write-up on how Vitamin B helps you prepare for and recover from a workout here.  But by and large, I feel like slapping myself for not thinking of this sooner.

So how much did it help?  Well, by 6pm I'd already eaten 3 square meals so... quite a lot, actually.

The biggest boost was noticeable from right off the top, I powered through the first 10 minutes without a pause -- none of the typical tiredness or slowness that had plagued me in my first few rounds.  The tiredness did start to seep in around the edges at about the 15-20 minute mark, but it was nowhere near what I'd normally be experiencing right now.

That said, as time passed and I was still holding up just fine, I have to say that I did actually start to wonder: Is this cheating?

I mean, as far as 'performance enhancers' go, I'm not sure I'd normally put Vitamin B at the top of the list... but the result was just so profound -- especially considering how much I've struggled recently -- that I had to wonder.  Am I cheating myself out of a proper workout here?  Or, am I running at actual proper 'full capacity'?

Today, not only did I make it to the 45 minute mark without usual shakes, shivers and fatigue, I actually managed to go a total of 72 minutes and burned a total of 1190 calories!

I'm just floored at this result, there's simply no way around it.

That said, the other factor here was that I did do the workout later in the day, wide-awake and on a full tank of food.  How much does that variable change things?  Who knows?

I also discovered that my favourite treadmill actually has a small fan integrated on it.  There are only 2 speeds, but it's a nice little cooling effect when I've started to get really hot.

So... here's the thing, here's what I'm wondering... do I ditch the supplement and just go at it as I have been, pretty much taking the hard road (I definitely feel like I've worked my ass off over the last few days) or do I take the supplement and maybe up the difficulty?

I'm not quite sure what to do just yet.

But even now, after today's workout, I feel amazing -- not tired, not sore... just great, really.

Well, except for my blister.  Apparently that sucker has... I don't know, re-filled and grown?  I was certain that I'd popped it before, but here it is, almost good as new, the size of my thumbnail and squishy to the touch.  I'm not sure what to do about this thing, the bandage obviously hasn't done much to help me.

Maybe I should just pop it myself and bandage it up.  I don't know.

For now, I think I'm just going to hope that it doesn't get any bigger.

But yes, some decisions to make.  Many, many decisions.

Anyways, until then, here're my stats from my workout today... I'm pretty impressed.

  Date = 11/07/2001  <-- still the time and date haven't been fixed :S
  Time = 01:09 

- User
  Age = 31
  Weight units = 230

- Workout
  Elapsed Time = 70:00
  Avg Heart Rate = 169
  Max Heart Rate = 181   <-- my overall heartrate was lower as well!  Wow.
  Avg Speed Units = 3.5 mph
  Max Speed Units = 3.5 mph
  Avg Pace = 17:08 /mile
  Distance = 4.08 miles     <-- yes, 4 miles.  Daaaamn.
  Calories = 1181

- Cool Down
  Elapsed Time = 2:00
  Avg Speed Units = 1.8 mph
  Max Speed Units = 2.0 mph
  Distance = 0.06 miles
  Calories = 8 

- Total
  Elapsed Time = 72:00
  Avg Heart Rate = 169
  Max Speed Units = 181
  Avg Speed Units = 3.5 mph
  Max Speed Units = 3.5 mph
  Avg Pace = 17:08 /mile
  Distance = 4.14 miles
  Calories = 1190

All-in-all, if we minus that from the remaining calorie count from yesterday (27099) I've got 25909 left to burn in 26 days.


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