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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Workout: Day Six

Unfortunately, it looks like this is becoming an official habit: late workouts -- really close to the cutoff too.

The good news is that I think my body's officially adapted to the workout, I didn't bother taking a vitamin B pill beforehand and I still made it out okay.

Again, those first 5-10 minutes I've discovered that I really need a distraction, something to help get me up and at'em, to keep my mind off of my aching joints (and cracking feet) 'cause if there's any point throughout the whole thing that I'm liable to throw up my hands and call it a day, it's right here.

I don't know what it is, maybe it's the mental idea of nearing that 'quarter-done' mark or maybe it's just good ol' fashioned body chemistry taking over.  Either way, once I've hit the 15 minute mark, I'm committed.

Not only that, but my performance actually seems to improve as well.  I'm definitely more focused, more driven once I'm past the quarter.

Of course, I'm still struggling with the natural limitations of my body -- namely that I've come to realize that as much as I'd love to go 30 days straight through, I'm going to have to take a rest day sometime soon.  Give my body a chance to recover some.

I think my one real fear here is that loss of momentum, that sudden stop.  'Cause I know that I've been there before, I know how easily the excuses come.  You see, there was a time -- a year or two ago -- where I had worked for months to get into shape... and then, one day, I just stopped going.  I blamed it on life, on things getting busy.  I didn't 'peter out'... one day I just said 'No'.

And I watched all that I had gained slip away.

Over time I think I've gained a bit of insight into what it is that makes us or keeps us from being successful.  It's a simple thing but, so far, it appears to be true:


The most successful people I've ever known have one thing in common: when it comes to what they want, to the goals that really matter to them, there is very little that can dissuade them.  And while failure's always an option (as it is anywhere in life) even when they're down, there are no excuses.  They take their lumps and get back up.  They analyze where they went wrong and they try a different tactic.

I have moments of this, moments where I get that clarity, where I know what I want bad enough to focus and push myself toward something definitive.  But my biggest challenge has always been my battle with those little excuses that I tell myself; those little platitudes or lies that I use to derail myself.

It sounds like such a cliché now but it really is true: a great percentage of getting ourselves into shape involves getting our mind into shape as well.

It's hard, so frickin' hard, because the alternative is just so goddamned easy.  It's so easy to say 'yeah, I'll do it tomorrow' or 'oh well, I tried' or any number of other BS excuses.

Hopefully, with the right mindset, with the enough of a mental preparation, my fears will all be for nothing.  I'll start right back up again and all will be hunky dory.

But as far as 'personal tests' go, this one's gonna be a biggie.

My first 'day off' will be this Tuesday.

Until then, just gotta keep on keepin' on.

Oh! And for my workout today, I managed 1010 Calories in 62 minutes.  Again... no fancy treadmills but still... progress!  If we subtract that from what I've burned off so far (24901) then I've got 23891 calories left to burn in 24 days.


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