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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Workout: Day Three

Today, I tried something completely different.  Okay, not really 'completely' different.  But different.

Before I began my treadmill trek, I spent a good 10-15 mins in the sauna, stretching things out as much as I could.  Trying to loosen things that had, well, seized up on me.

Also: I discovered a type of band-aid specifically for blisters.

And so, once limbered up, bandaged up and ready, I made my out to the treadmill.

Only to find my 'special' treadmill already in use. :S

So I ended up using one of their older treadmills -- not that there's anything wrong with them, they just don't give you a saved 'report' afterwards.

Blech.  (see also: #firstworldproblems)

Anyways, the first 5 minutes went pretty much as expected -- my body was sincerely not a fan.  Even though I'd stretched everything beforehand, everything still felt stiff.  Of course, I came to realize that I was actually tensing up, as if I was waiting for something to happen.  Once I realized that and started to relax myself, it started to almost get... enjoyable?

That is until I made it to around the 15 minute mark.  By then I was in a full-on sweat, everything was drenched -- seriously, it was like some sort of internal dam had broken and every pore in my body had overflowed at once.  It was like I'd gone hiking in the rain.

But then I began to feel tired.  As in sleepy, like someone had pulled my batteries out.

Crazy.  Was this some sort of rebellion?  My own body turning against me for having dared to try and push it?

I pushed onward, yawning on the treadmill, trying to distract myself with the horribly captioned video on the small screen in front of me.  I rolled over into the 20-minute mark, still tired but still moving; onto the 25-minute mark and I'm just sopping wet now.  That ol' bit of pain in my left leg has started to twinge again -- up near the hip but I do my best to soldier on.

At the 35-minute mark -- and somehow, out of nowhere -- I actually feel... fine.  In physical terms, I'm guessing this is about when those wonderful things called 'endorphins' actually kicked in.  Now, I'm not sure why they were playing hookey yesterday and the day before (when I really could've used them) but let me just say how happy I was to have them.

Of course, they didn't last all that long... it was maybe a good 10 minutes or so before I started to feel like crud again... but I just want to say that those were some of the most amazing 10 minutes I've had since I've started this little journey.

At 45 minutes in, the ol' war wounds started to come back into the picture... my left leg has started to feel like it's slipping around in the socket and my right leg has developed that nice little shake that's been its own little hallmark.  Still, I cling onto the metal bars, step after step, climbing this invisible, never-ending hill.

By the time I hit the 50 minute mark I've sunken into a familiar bit of territory -- no longer able to keep my attention focused on any single thought or location, I find myself staring at the various different readouts in front of me, watching the seconds burn away followed by the calories followed by the distance.  I stare at the screen, hoping to find some sort of distraction, something that'll hold my attention for the last bloody 10 minutes of this cycle.  I end up watching the entirety of an Oliver Jewellery commercial before I realize that I'm on my own here.

And then a thought blooms:  The world Jewellery, once I've begun to think about it, seems oddly racist.

I ponder this for a good while, trying to think how the heck such a word came about -- I play it over in my head, a plethora of questions now bouncing around in my skull; is it some sort of thing where maybe ancient Jews were known artisans?  Did it originate as some sort of Jewish plaything or bauble?

I consider what I know about the nature of the word and where it comes from -- and realize just how little I know about it.  Somewhere I decide to make a mental note to look it up once I get a chance.

The treadmill slows beneath my feet and I realize that I've somehow managed to run out the clock.  Thanks to my little head trip, I've completed the whole shebang -- and redeemed myself from yesterday's incomplete.  I hope.

In the end -- after a decidedly longer cooldown period -- I managed to burn 1030 calories in 67 minutes.

Add that to the 850 from yesterday to get 1880 and minus that from what was left on Day One (28979) and I end up with: 27099 calories left to burn in 27 days.

Incidentally, I did end up looking up the word -- and apparently no, no it does not have anything to do with the word Jew.  It has to do with the world Jewel.  Also, apparently I'm not the only one who's made this mistake.

There's a great write up on it here, including how the word 'Jew' made its way over into the Indo-European language group from the original Semetic language group.

The more you know, folks.  The more you know.

(Holy crap I love the internet.)



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