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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Re-Introduction

Hey folks,

Some of you have been popping by this blog for a while now, a few of you since the very beginning about 4 years ago.  A bunch of you, however, are new to this place so, well, let's get caught up with what you've missed:

Hi there, I'm Brandon.

I've been an aspiring/emerging writer for a while now, hoping to break into the TV biz here in Canada.  Most of the last four or so years has been spent honing my craft, writing scripts (some of which you can find on the side bar over there), critiquing them and generally trying to ensure that I'm 'good enough' to make sure that once I 'break in', I stay in.

I've had a fair amount of both successes (and two and three) and failures over the years -- made a fool of myself at least once (okay, more than once) -- and generally tried my best to chronicle my 'adventures' and insights (this one's not bad either) as I go about this crazy ride.

I got involved with this great group of people over at a place called 'inkcanada' and it was there -- as the first 'Inktern' and then, later, as a 'Junior Editor' -- that I cut my teeth and learned about the intricacies of the craft of writing for TV.

I got political for a while -- still am, and there'll be more on that coming up -- and learned a ton about how the TV industry in Canada works, how the CRTC works and how messy/confusing the act of getting legislation through (or blocked) in Parliament can be.

I chronicled a couple of unsuccessful attempts to get into the CFC (the first one more successful than the second).
I wrote a quite successful document called 'The Newbie's Guide To Writing a TV Series Pitch Bible'.

I've gotten engaged, gotten married and became a dad on this blog. (Holy crap, I'm growing up...)

Hell, I even wrote a novel.  In 40 days.  Right here.  (And it's good too!)

But here's the thing:

Over time, I've felt myself, and this blog, steering away from where I wanted it to go.  Started to watch the dream fade as I got comfortable doing other things.  As the machinations of life started to take over and forcibly steer me away.

Worse: I started to get complacent.  Started to lose the hunger, the fire.

So it's time to right the ship.

Let's take stock:

Right now I've got 4 original spec pilots under my belt.  2 spec bibles (and one on the way).  4 spec scripts -- all of which are old and of little to no use -- 10 short film scripts, a myriad of half-started/half-finished projects and a Novel.

So... yeah, time to get myself back on the scoreboard with something I can use. Time to make a new spec script.

But which show should I tackle?

Well, that's something we'll get into more depth with on Friday.

Until then,


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