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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Workout: Day Fifteen

Here we are folks: The halfway point.

15 days in, just under 15000 calories burned. So far, I'm down about 3.5 lbs to 226.5lbs as of today. I'm not noticing a HUGE change physically yet -- I've started to have to wear a belt with my shorts... but just barely -- but I've noticed that I'm definitely more... alert?

Exercise-wise, my body is getting stronger every day on the treadmill. Today, though I didn't make it the full hour at 16% and 3.7mph, I did manage a full 33 mins. Again, I had to slow it down .2 mph, but I did manage to put it back up to the full 3.7 at the end and finish the last 5 minutes strong. I know I'm being pretty hard on my body here, especially with how much I've increased the workload in the last bit, but there really is no more pussy-footing around anymore. I've been making excuses for myself for far too long and this, well, this is an important step. If I can get past this first 30 days then I can make this new lifestyle a habit instead of a constant mental push. Then I can focus on other things.

Speaking of which:

I've been writing away on this bible for the last few days, now officially in 'wordsmith' mode as I go through this thing weighing my options; trying to figure out how to share the concept in the shortest possible combination of words.

Strong words.

Action verbs and the like.

I've also been looking at my options for spec scripts. A lot of people, so I hear, have been tackling Castle and The Walking Dead (which are fan-freaking-tastic shows). I'd been considering both but I dunno... there really doesn't seem to be a strong 'format' for The Walking Dead yet and Castle, well, I'm sure I'm boarding that train long after its left the station. I've been considering a Breaking Bad -- God, I love that show -- but again, it's so tight, so serialized, I'm not sure if I could slide a story in there.

Anyways, the search continues.

Here's today's stats:

- User
Age = 31
Weight units = 230

- Workout
Elapsed Time = 60:00
Avg Heart Rate = 175
Max Heart Rate = 185 <-- No change. That's... good, right?
Avg Speed Units = 3.6 mph
Max Speed Units = 3.7 mph
Avg Pace = 16:28 /mile
Distance = 3.64 miles
Calories = 1294

- Cool Down
Elapsed Time = 2:00
Avg Speed Units = 1.9 mph
Max Speed Units = 2.0 mph
Distance = 0.06 miles
Calories = 8

- Total
Elapsed Time = 62:00
Avg Heart Rate = 175
Max Speed Units = 185
Avg Speed Units = 3.6 mph
Max Speed Units = 3.7 mph
Avg Pace = 16:28 /mile
Distance = 3.71 miles
Calories = 1303

If we take the balance so far (17065) and subtract today's workout, we end up with a remaining total of 15762 calories with 15 days to go.

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