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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Workout: Day Nineteen

Yeah, I paid for yesterday in spades.

This morning I woke up to find pretty much every muscle in my lower back, thighs and lower legs swollen and achy.  Things were creaking.  Like old hinges in need of oil.  It was pretty crazy.  Oddly enough, my shoulders seemed to come out of it all unscathed.


Today ended up being a pretty busy day full of chores, sending me off rollerblading around the city -- yes, one of the cool side effects of this little quest has been that I broke out my old rollerblades... man, I forgot just how much I loved zooming around on those things.

So after a good bit of shopping and tearing around the city picking up this and that (as per my wife's list) I felt suitably limber to try and give it another go today.

It didn't go all that well, to be honest -- probably should've taken a rest day, but I got through an hour.  I ended up going to the other gym today ('cause it was closer) and using one of the less... uh, advanced... treadmills (the incline on that thing maxed out at 15%).  I managed to pull a good 32 mins on 3.7 on a 15% incline but my back's just not having it.  I pushed myself, really dug deep to get to that 32 mins... but there was just no way I was going to hold out for the remaining 28.  So I dropped it down to 3.5 and put the incline down to 14% -- and immediately noticed my life get exponentially easier.

Tonight I'm going to take a nice, friendly dose of Traumeel, have a nice long, hot soak and maybe (hopefully) find the guns to give the 3.7 a run for its money tomorrow.

All-in-all, I ended up burning 1229 calories in 65 mins (this treadmill's cool downs are longer).

If we take that and subtract yesterday and today's totals (1345 + 1229 = 2574) from what remains (13485) then I've got 10911 calories left to burn in 11 days.

Not too shabby.

Night all!

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