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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Workout: Day Seventeen


It's a beautiful night out there, a little cool, a little breezy, but undeniably Summer.  It was quite a treat walking home tonight.

Today's workout was an interesting one.  I ended up doing the whole thing on a lower level -- on the 3.5 mph vs. the 3.7 that I've been struggling with -- and it was rather heartening to realize just how, well, easy it was.  Now, not easy as in 'I didn't break a sweat' or 'I laughed the whole way through' but this workout, here at 3.5mph on a 16% incline, compared to how hard I'd struggled at the beginning of my journey... to be able to confidently pound out a full 60 minutes without aching or creaking or hurting (significantly) after just 17 days.

I'm blown away.

I still managed to soak through my shirt, I still managed to have a beet-red face and generally look like I'd gotten a soggy ass-kicking at the end of it all... but I made it through and I did it well.

I'm ready.

Tomorrow I'm going for the big thing, the whole hog.  One full hour at 3.7mph on a 16% incline.

It's weird, the first time I tried to do this thing, I managed to get a full 45 mins out at that speed.  I managed to push myself just enough to make it, but in the days that've followed since then, I've been barely able to pass the 30-min mark. 

So far, whenever I've tried to push past that 30mins, everything gets all tight, gets too painful.  My back strains and my knees buckle, my heart races.

But no more.

Tomorrow I lock it in.

Here's today's stats:

- User
Age = 31
Weight units = 230

- Workout
Elapsed Time = 60:00
Avg Heart Rate = 168
Max Heart Rate = 179 <-- Even though I was .2 mph lower than my max, the fact that I managed to get to the end without clearing 180... well, I think that means some serious progress.  I'm definitely getting better.
Avg Speed Units = 3.5 mph
Max Speed Units = 3.5 mph
Avg Pace = 17:08 /mile
Distance = 3.50 miles
Calories = 1251

- Cool Down
Elapsed Time = 2:00
Avg Speed Units = 3.9 mph
Max Speed Units = 4.1 mph
Distance = 0.13 miles
Calories = 25

- Total
Elapsed Time = 62:00
Avg Heart Rate = 168
Max Speed Units = 179
Avg Speed Units = 3.5 mph
Max Speed Units = 4.1 mph
Avg Pace = 17:08 /mile
Distance = 3.63 miles
Calories = 1276

If we take today's count and subtract it from what remains (14761) then I've got 13485 calories left to burn in 13 days.

Bit by bit, I'm wearin' it down.  Walkin' it down.

Until tomorrow,


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