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Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Workout: Day Ten

So, today's day #2 of working out at the higher level.

What I wanted to say yesterday, that I just didn't have time to write, or go into detail about was how much of a reboot that was.  I was going to go into a big writeup about how utter insane it was, how hard it suddenly became... but I was too zonked yesterday.

It wasn't a huge change, adding an extra 1% and an extra .2 miles per hour... but holy crap did I ever feel it.  My feet, even today, feel a bit... I don't know... 'crunchy'?  Like there isn't much padding there right now or all the bones are just crushed together into some sort of club-like object.

Either way, I wonder if this is how extreme runners feel like.  Or, just 'runners' really.  Even when I was training for my CN Tower climb I never had my feet ache as much as they have been in the last couple of days.

But other than that, I feel good.  I've noticed that I'm breathing more.  Well, breathing deeper.  Getting more air in my lungs, feeling more energized -- and hey, my pants are fitting better too.  Can't argue with that.

In other news:  I got the first softcover printed copy of my book today, should be getting the first hardcover one either tomorrow or Monday.  I'll post a picture after both arrive to show how both turned out.

That feeling today, getting my hands on that package, opening it to see the first-ever printed copy of 404... it was pretty intense.  A feeling that I can only describe as a sort of 'Fatherly pride'.  I showed it to my wife and to see that look on her face all the time... yeah, I could live with that.


A physical manifestation of something that I created exists here in the world.  Hell Frickin' Yeah.

If course, that means I gotta get back to the creative side of things, start writing something new.  Start on that spec, finish that bible.

But yeah.  Hell yeah.

Anyways, here's the breakdown for today's workout:

- User
  Age = 31
  Weight units = 230

- Workout
  Elapsed Time = 60:00
  Avg Heart Rate = 167
  Max Heart Rate = 182   <-- a bit of a spike in my heart rate 'cause I almost dropped my music player onto the treadmill :P
  Avg Speed Units = 3.7 mph
  Max Speed Units = 3.7 mph
  Avg Pace = 16:12 /mile
  Distance = 3.70 miles 
  Calories = 1120

- Cool Down
  Elapsed Time = 2:00
  Avg Speed Units = 1.9 mph
  Max Speed Units = 2.0 mph
  Distance = 0.06 miles
  Calories = 8

- Total
  Elapsed Time = 62:00
  Avg Heart Rate = 167
  Max Speed Units = 182
  Avg Speed Units = 3.6 mph
  Max Speed Units = 3.7 mph
  Avg Pace = 16:12 /mile
  Distance = 3.76 miles
  Calories = 1129

Until tomorrow!

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