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Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Workout: Day Twelve

Hey all!

So today I tackled the new, new settings.  Decided to push myself like never before.

Apparently the hill was taller than I thought.

So, basically, what happened was that I started off at a 16% incline at 3.7mph and I thought I was doing fine.  In fact, I was doing fine... until minute 15 hit.  I'm not sure what it was -- like a pressure in my lower back that radiated down my leg but I figured that it probably had to do with the incline.  Whatever it was, it was just too much, that my body was crimping or cramping something important.

Either way, I ended up changing gears for a while, slowing things down, trying to take the pressure off.

I dropped the incline to 15% and the speed to 3.5; hunched over deep into the walk figuring that I'd try to squeeze some blood back into my lower back, hoping that that might reboot the ol' pain sensors.  And, luckily, that seemed to do the trick.  After another good 5 mins or so my lower back started to chill out and my heart rate returned back to, well, normal levels.

But yes, my goal for today of rocking a full hour at 16% incline @ 3.7mph didn't really take off today.  I only got 15 mins in, really.  But if you add it into the 45 I got yesterday then, well... hey there bright eyes.  Looks like you got yourself a winner.

Still, my lower back's not pleased with me; my legs and hips are, well, separating and my feet have started to develop 'pressure spots'.

'Pressure spots' as in I'll be walking along and then step the wrong way (usually on a toe) and it'll feel like it's mere seconds away from exploding like a mushy grenade.

Good times!

On the bright side, I cleared 1275 Calories today which is pretty freaking swanky.

Stats below:

- User
  Age = 31
  Weight units = 230

- Workout
  Elapsed Time = 60:00
  Avg Heart Rate = 171
  Max Heart Rate = 192   <-- Remember that whole 'heart beat' thing?  Yeah.  I could hear the ocean inside my own skull.  Exciting!
  Avg Speed Units = 3.6 mph
  Max Speed Units = 3.9 mph
  Avg Pace = 16:46 /mile
  Distance = 3.58 miles 
  Calories = 1266

- Cool Down
  Elapsed Time = 2:00
  Avg Speed Units = 2.0 mph
  Max Speed Units = 3.0 mph
  Distance = 0.07 miles
  Calories = 9

- Total
  Elapsed Time = 62:00
  Avg Heart Rate = 171
  Max Speed Units = 192
  Avg Speed Units = 3.5 mph
  Max Speed Units = 3.9 mph
  Avg Pace = 16:46 /mile
  Distance = 3.64 miles
  Calories = 1275

In other, writing-related news: I've now officially got the printed softcover and hardcover versions of my book -- the Hardcover art, for some reason, didn't sit properly on the cover so it's pretty off center.  I'm working on re-tooling the art for that one so that's a little something to add to the list.

The hardcover version, other than the cover art, looks phenomenal tho' -- the whole thing just sings 'quality' and I can't wait to see people's faces once they get to hold this thing in their hands.

It's pretty darned sweet.

Anyways, that's enough for now -- more to come tomorrow.

Until then,

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